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Thread: Sydney CBD in lockdown after stabbing

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    Quote Originally Posted by God Member View Post
    I liked what the police commissioner had to say. Instead of the wimpy ‘don’t get involved” shite previously run out he said that in the future you aren’t going to just face the police, you are going to face the citizenry. The mood has changed I think and the natural instincts of men to protect the tribe, to protect the innocent, are emerging.
    It's easy to fantasise about what you would do in that situation, and to be honest you never really know until you're there and you're paralysed watching in unfold. But if I was the driver of the car he jumped on, I'd have hit reverse, dumped him onto the street then into drive and ran him over. Normally wouldn't condone that but when you've got a blood soaked frenzied nutter wielding a knife there's an element of doing the community a favour. I've been in an armed robbery several years ago and I was held at gunpoint. It was over 20 years ago and I can still walk you through it as though it was yesterday. It changed my perspective on life and what action you would take when confronted. I guess the point is that innocent people going about their business end up in confronting situations.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jamez11 View Post
    I'm not sure how it really matters what nationality she was, where her ad was, the adress, if anyone has seen her etc... a young woman has been murdered, these comments are extremely insensitive.

    Please just let this thread go
    I think it's a natural reaction to wonder if you knew her or have had contact with her. Checking her ad or address to see if it was a girl you'd been with is not insensitive - it's just checking whether that person had crossed paths with you in some way . While we engage in a transaction or a service with the girls, there is a bit more to it and we can all reflect through a prayer or thought (whatever is your thing) about the loss. We are all part a wider community but we are part of a narrower community of MLs, WLs, escorts, punters etc. Not only has this happened to a beautiful young girl whose life was full of promise for a future - its happened to a member of our community. She's not an anonymous statistic to those here.

    Obviously an AR would be distasteful, but I see no harm in expressing the human need for answers about who she was.

    And Jamez11, I say all that with the utmost respect to your point of view. No criticism or arguments here.


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    My thoughts with the victims and their families.

    Whole life ahead of her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JessicaKC69 View Post
    RIP Michaela xoxo
    So sad to learn of this tragic & devastating incident in Sydney after i've just return from NYC with a client.
    I agree it can be a very dangerous job for us girls not knowing who is going to walk through the door next. I guess there are dangers with all types of jobs.
    Still a young and beautiful soul has been taken way too young.
    No disrespect for the poor young lady, but it needs to be considered that the other victim was NOT a sex worker and could easily have died too. It would seem that being an ordinary office worker is equally as dangerous.

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    RIP to the innocent woman

    Know nothing about this guy, but if he is another drug affected lunatic, rather thsn a having a prinary diagnosis of a psychiatric condition like schizophrenia, then I have zero sympathy for his likely defence of mental illness

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