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Thread: Waves and Waves of joy. From Wave.

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    Waves and Waves of joy. From Wave.

    I have been away from Sydney for a while.
    And although I have had a couple of punts since my return, nothing really notable tbh.
    That was until I decided to go and see a show in Paddington. At the Paddington RSL. And what has a long staircase, with great service only a few doors up? Good old Paddo244.

    After my show, I went to a pre booked appointment with Wave. As always, the booking was on time, no waiting or messing about. This coupled with the friendly mamasan makes for a relaxed and friendly start to what would be a great session. All pleasantries aside, I was now in the mood to empty my balls inside some very reasonably priced Asian pussy.

    I followed Wave up the stairs, and watching her ass in a sexy pink G gave me a pretty good semi. Was it because I hadn't fapped for 5 days? Possibly.... but I do like a tight rig, and Wave had it. Not just the tight ass, but a nice perky set of tits, and a nice slim waist that pictured myself grabbing doggy and thrusting like demon. Get thee behind me, Satan!

    Into the room, and the only thing that I can say negative, is that I am a fucking giant and the ceiling height is as bit low. But as I am well over 6 foot tall, this will not be an issue for most blokes.
    Wave doesn't have the best English, but she sure knows her way around a man's body. Abit of LFK, then stripping down to reveal a glorious set of perky titties. Very reactive nipples, that loved being in my mouth as much as i loved sucking on them.
    At this point I will say that Wave gives a great GFE. Soft and delicate, like fucking a girlfriend for your first time as a young guy. She takes you by the hand, and proceeds to be as sweet, caring and attentive.

    Into the shower, and an awesome clean down to proceed the fuckings. A little bit of BBJ in the shower, soaped up perky tits, and a play of her moist pussy..... I was ready to get sucked and fucked. Hard as a fucking rock. I honestly could have taken out an eye.

    Onto the bed, and a decent BBBJ ensued. Due to girth, I wasnt able to hit that throat but I did see a tear or two. Which for me showsa vast amount of effort on the ladies behalf. One can't expect a DT every time. But my cock was teased and sucked in such a gentle manner, I enjoyed it immensely. Being tall and having long arms has benefits, namely being able to grab titties and get a gobby at the same time. How good is that? Titties and head, that would be a great name for a bbbj har.

    With my load building up, I needed to get on with the dom, and get inside this woman. Dom on, and lubed up. I am a shallow bastard, with no interest at DATY or fingering to make the lady cum. It's about my cock, and my load. And Wave didn't seem to mind.
    So it was into a gentle missionary, really slow to savor her tight as a socket wrench pussy. Initially, I couldn't get the depth, but after a few minutes it was balls deep, ass grabbingly awesome. I love pussy, goddamn I love pussy. Warm and wet, clenching down on my dong.... fuck it was good.
    I managed to swing around to doggy, grabbing that slim waist and driving it home. I seriously didn't last long in doggy.... 20, maybe 25 pounds and that dom was full to the brim. I was pounding away, like as man possessed, and the orgasm went through my body like an electric shock.

    With 10 minutes to go, it was into the shower again for a longer soapy playtime. Again with the soapy tits, my dick then being jerked in a flurry of soapy mess, and the timer went. Damn, no 2nd shot. I need to pick up my game if I want get those 2 shots in an hour in. More magnesium maybe? More cardio? More punting?
    Anyways, that didn't matter....
    I had achieved my mission.
    Getting soapy and slippery... and then to be sucked, and fucked, by a sexy Asian chick.
    Winner winner, chicken dinner.

    Wave gives an awesome GFE.
    And with all this soap play... maybe a soapie style massage, suck and fuck could become a regular part of my punting game.
    Because I sure as fuck enjoyed it this time around.

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    bury nice review

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    Nice AR bro BYD...It was fun reading it!!

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    join her today on a spring day

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    Quote Originally Posted by SexyBoi View Post
    Nice AR bro BYD...It was fun reading it!!
    Thanks bruv.
    Fun was had by me.

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    she here today enjoy

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    This girl works now @ Fantasy Club 35 under the name "Yoki". Totally useless to say the least.
    I have posted a complete review of her on xxxreviews.

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