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    Was scrolling the pages last week and saw a new girl 'Ruby' very curvy and nice big tits from the photos. Went to number 7 and what was i saw was definitely A very attractive girl with a very long fine waist length hair. She looks cutie, with big round eyes, sexy lips, white smooth skin and with a natural big cup.After I paid for the promotion discount to the man, Ruby came in to the waiting room, hold my hands and led me to her room. Told me that she is happy to see me again in her own language.

    Once in the room, we were looking at each other and she slowly undress me first. Then she asked me to undress her. Her boobs were popped out and they are in good shape and form, kissing around and sucked on her boobs. Then she led me into the shower and she gave me a clear up which I felt positive about it at the start but it was really just about cleaning and not much going on apart from chatting and looking at her beautiful smile and body.

    On the bed, she allowed very limit light lip kissing only. Then cat bath, CBJ (didn't pay for extra as don't trust first time new trys) is okay with enough suction. I started on missionary and went slow. Looking at this young cutie girl, let me sucking her boobs. I then proceeded to doggie style to admire that sweet piece of lovely ass. I love curvy asian girls and this one was no different - i honestly could have cummed much earlier but had to stop myself.

    Her pussy is too good that I just told her to pronebone, as I knew I would be finishing very soon. Again her ass and pussy are amazing qualities that can't be denied. Overall I went quick and fucked her hard, she kept moaning and making noises. I then finished up. Afterwards she cleaned me up and then proceeded to a massage - i normally decline these as I just love to fuck but for her i took it. Again it didn't disappoint.

    Overall will definitely be coming back to Cowper to see Ruby again.

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    Ruby top sweet girlfriend service today booking welcome

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