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Thread: Comet - sweet and petite. Shoot me to the stars baby.

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    Punterman can normally be found with his cock buried inside an Asian girls pussy in Western Sydney.

    Comet - sweet and petite. Shoot me to the stars baby.

    I titled this sweet and petite as that is what Comet is. She is such a lovely girl. Warm, generous, kind, 100% service orientated, just one of those sweet young girls that aims to please and please she does in spades.

    The photos of her are real on the website. I asked Angela the receptionist if they had any small girls as that is my current flavour and she showed me Comet. On her first day at the shop. I was very impressed. Paid one hour and would have extended but had to be elsewhere.

    In the grand suite Room 1, she showers and washes me then onto the bed. I can tell she is pretty keen as she is smiling and eyeing me up and down as we shower and we start off with some DFK on the bed. She has a very small mouth but uses it to maximum effect and her kissing and tongue skills are top notch. Her body is teenager firm and her breasts are natural, firm, B cups and she loves to have them played with and has very sensitive nipples. I pretty much spent the whole hour playing with her tits they were so lovely to play with.

    After a few minutes of kissing I reach down to her pussy and it is sopping wet the little minx so I lie down, pull her pussy over my face and lick her. She goes off at this and I spend a good 10 minutes down there licking her as she leans up against the wall at the end of the bed. I stick a finger inside and her pussy is minute. Tight like a vice. I start to think that fucking her is going to be a problem but she later shows me that she can take some cock for a small girl so that ends up OK.

    I lie her down and enter her tight pussy in mish. No lube needed as she is very wet. Really awesome fucking her tight little snatch and we try several positions, the highlight being lying down doggie with her watching the action in the large mirror next to the bed. I can feel her rising to orgasm as we fuck so I lie her down and DATY her to a nice orgasm. She seems to love DATY and translated several times throughout the session that she loved my tongue. DATYing a girl to orgasm is always the highlight of any punt for me, so me and Comet are well matched.

    I let her rest a bit then pulled her to the side of the bed. Stood on the floor and fucked her tight little pussy in mish and then pushed her ankles up over her head to expose that little wet love tunnel and pummelled her hard as she screamed away until I shot my load.

    I was enjoying DATYing her and fucking her so much that I never got a bbbj from her so I don't know how her skills are in the area.

    We had 10 minutes left and most girls would try to wrap it up but I suggested some more DATY which she seemed happy with and I then pleasured her until she came again for orgasm number 2.

    Comet is one of the nicest girls I have ever met. A lovely person, great fuck, 100% service orientated and has a great teenage body. I will be back.

    Comet - shoot me to the stars baby.
    Is it a bird, is it a plane, no its Punterman. Always seeking out good value bbbj, DFK, DATY for $150 hr in the Western Sydney brothels.

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    a shooting star

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    Oh she looks very cute!

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    Verified photo? Close?

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    yes from her

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    It's she still on the roster?

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    i think in china at the moment

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