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Thread: Larissa - from the top end of town. Model like girl.

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    Larissa - from the top end of town. Model like girl.

    Larissa actually walked in the door of the shop at the same time as me for her first shift here. She smiled at me as I opened the front door for her and we both walked up the stairs into the shop. She walked into the waiting room, I asked the receptionist who that was and they said that it is a new girl and they don’t have a name for her yet so I suggested the name Larissa. The receptionist told me that if I booked her I could name her as well so book her I did. First time I have named a WL. LOL. Hope she likes the name.

    It turns out that today was my lucky day as Larissa told me that she has worked in several of the top end shops in Sydney and she wanted to try 244 Paddington as some of her girlfriends had told her that it was a good place to work

    Larissa is a very beautiful girl with medium length black hair, 164cm tall, slim, light skin, B cup and shaved pussy. She looks like a model that you would see in a fashion catalogue.

    I paid for 45 minutes with her and had a great time. She washed me down nicely in the shower and when we got onto the bed she was very energetic. A very busy girl, always licking me or kissing me or sucking my cock or my nipples. This girl knows how to do her job and I let her pleasure me whilst admiring that beautiful body of hers. She should be on the cat walk.

    Her bbbj skills are really good. She uses lots of variety and pretty soon I came in her mouth as I could not resist her charms. Too quick.

    Quick rest and then onto some good fucking in doggie. She has a slim waist and small firm bottom and I enjoyed fucking her pussy from behind and managed to go nice and deep inside her. I am average length and she has a tight pussy.

    Larissa is also a great kisser. She has big kissable lips and was happy to kiss me most of the time we were making love.

    The 45 minutes was soon up and I wanted to extend but she already had a booking so I missed out. Obviously a popular girl.

    The girls that I have seen at this shop seem to like the place as they all seem happy and cheerful which is the sign of a well run establishment.

    As Arnie once said “I’ll be back”.

    Just need to save up some cash.

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    thanks pussy
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    You got to name her? That's definitely a unique experience. Thanks for the review.

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