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Thread: Chloe Sakai - Scammer

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    Exclamation Chloe Sakai - Scammer

    Be warned that Chloe Sakai, who's now semi-retired, is quite scammy.
    She's expensive but I thought the experience would be worth it. I contacted her, after some messages I paid a deposit. Normally, I would not do such a thing, but I've seen her ads and reviews a long time ago, and thinking with my dick I paid the deposit.
    After this she told me she can't make that night as its too late, it's about 9pm, and I'm about 15m drive from the CBD. I write it off as fair enough she has a new job, early start or something.

    The next couple of days trying to get a time with her, her replies would be really slow.
    A few days later when I send her a message in the morning she says to give her time to check her schedule before she can confirm at time that night. At 5pm I ping her, and last she replies sorry she can't as she's now traveled to country victoria and it will be a 2.5hr drive.

    I asked for a refund and she's no problem, but she insists on doing a bank transfer, and I said no I want cash back. She keeps arguing. She won't return cash. Originally she wanted a Woolworths Gift Card, when I ask for that she's no problem, when I ask her if she's done it she's like oh it will take 3 days to turn up.
    I asked for receipt and she's saying I'm being rude.
    Several days later nothing.
    I think its fair to get a refund for no service and I think its fair to get the refund back as cash, as that's how I originally paid. She insists on bank deposit as that's what she "originally asked x" (in a reply to my original request for CASH). I do not trust her to give her my bank details.

    I never got to experience any of her services, so I can't say how good or bad they are. What I did experience was very poor. She was quick to respond etc to get a deposit and then dropped off with lots of delays and excuses etc., argues about how to do the refund, hasn't done it.

    Coincidentally, later I found I had a password reset attack against me, I'm not sure if it's related.

    I'd advice more common sense then I had an not paying any deposits.

    Happy Punting

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    thanks for the warning, have read her reviews before and was tempted myself. hopefully the loss wasn't too big

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    Great Review,thank you for sharing

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    Exclamation Chloe is such a scammer and rude and impolite person

    Just happened yesterday 19/11/20. I booked a room and contacted Chloe for 1 hour outcall. She asked me to make $300 deposit and I was not sure if it is right to do because I never have had deposited to an escort before but I trust her reviews and photos on the website so I did.

    I should have read your warning and should have not had deposited but I did deposit into her account then she never came or reply to my messages.

    She promised to came but after I sent her the payment receipt she did not reply or answer phone call and been waiting for more than 4 hours without any reply.

    Then she sent rude messages and was totally impolite person coming up with ridiculous reasons such as the receipt could be made photoshop and payment did not come, other people could make deposit via mobile number which I did through mobile app but it did not work for me and it said her mobile is not registered with payid etc...

    She actually had another booking or something so she went for that booking without letting me know anything and wasted my time contacting her and waiting for during those time and at night time she messaged me that she received the deposit and I asked for a refund.

    In the morning, I sent her my bank account details and told her to refund the deposit then she told me I am rude and a jerk and she said no refund. This is totally a scam and robbing in daylight. She refused to refund and took the deposit and she was sending messages and laughing at me. What a scammer and big liar!

    Be careful and never make any deposit before meet with any escort.

    Her account is with anz
    Bsb 013030
    Ac no 530383037

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    Thanks for your advice. I would contact BLA and lodge a complaint there. Reporting to police would be the last option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesm View Post
    Thanks for your advice. I would contact BLA and lodge a complaint there. Reporting to police would be the last option.
    When I got scammed (I hate that word , it is theft) I am lucky not like alot of you guys, I dont have a wife, just called the cops.......

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    Chloe Sakai is one of the few private escorts that I have repeatedly seen over the years since I started punting. I have met her over 15 times and I frequently pay her in full before we meet because I don't like the "business" aspect carrying over into the night. She is a very reliable and a fun companion, and we have developed a great connection both sexually and emotionally. Like most punters I like to browse the various forums and reviews to see who is on the scene, and I stumbled across this thread about my favourite escort. I feel the need to post a reply here as I see this site does not seem to allow a worker to have a right of reply, which is kinda weird.

    I know Chloe takes her personal safety very seriously due to some horrific experiences in the past. With the nature of her work I think prioritising personal safety is pretty much a given. A deposit is generally required by most escorts as they are dealing with a lot of time wasters, and a small deposit pretty quickly filters out those who are genuine clients, and covers the time an escort spends preparing herself. I think it's pretty relevant to point out that Chloe has many, many glowing reviews on multiple sites over the years, and from personal experience I can say she certainly deserves them. Financially, I'm sure she's not hurting and does not need to “scam” a small deposit (which would be at the expense of her reputation ...), so I'm pretty dubious regarding the above reviews. Knowing her personality, she generally stands her ground on what’s right and fair.

    I brought the above “reviews” to her attention, and she was rather upset. She showed me conversations with “Derek” and “jamesm” (without compromising their phone numbers, as she is always the professional). The first “review” above appeared to stem from a simple oversight and miscommunication. It was during the time Covid started spreading and she was hesitant to see clients in case she put herself and people around her in danger. It was a hard time for most people including herself. She genuinely thought she purchased the requested egiftcard online for the refund and that Woolworths would automatically send that out to Derek. Since Derek did not contact her again, she thought everything was sorted. Later she reconfirmed with the person and he claimed that he didn’t receive the first egift card; she then generously decided to send him another one. Yet Derek did not reflect the whole incident above. The miscommunication occurred when Derek insisted on using a payment method that Chloe is not familiar with, and that is how she still wanted to refund and came up with the egfitcard to sort out the matter. The accusation about his “password being reset” is just embarrassingly childish. He did not provide any personal details, and to be honest a statement like that is just ridiculous and irresponsible. Apart from the fact Chloe is probably one of the least tech savvy people I know, anyone who has met her will know she would NEVER do such a thing! If escorts were doing password attacks on every time waster they encountered they'd never be doing anything else!

    Regarding the “review” above by Jamesm, I could see from their text exchange that Chloe in fact blocked out her time, got herself ready and set out to see him; however, she was then told she would be seeing someone ELSE there and she simply could not be sure how many other people would be there as Jamesm did not even provide details about who would be present and the room number. To be honest, I would not feel safe as a guy going to some hotel room to meet multiple people I had not agreed to see, let alone as a woman, and she didn't feel safe to show up. She did generously offer other options to have a safer encounter but Jamesm’s reply was so nasty and rude that regardless of what your job is, you would immediately block him! I think the fact that he felt the need to share bank details on a public venue pretty much speaks for this guy's character.

    I don’t know what Derek and Jamesm were thinking – maybe angry that they got rejected by an escort? Are they the same person? Putting fake and malicious reviews on behalf of another jealous worker? Who knows? I'm sure reader's who have a critical mind know that there are always two sides to any story. I think the number of positive reviews on punter planet (a site that allows workers to actually respond) and scarlet blue are pretty much indicative of Chloe's service and trustworthiness.

    Peace out.

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    Did the cops help you?

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    Chloe is professional, reputable & genuine

    Sorry to hear about the miss communication but I have seen Chloe over a period of 6 years and has always been my favourite go to lady. I have always paid in full prior and most times for 6 hour sessions and have just left that with her until we could meet. After several years of trust there was just never an issue. You need to understand the privacy and risk issues Chloe faces and she was very particular about what account could be used and during COVID it wasn’t in anyone’s interest to use ATMs for fear of transmission or go out or go to banks especially when she is providing intimate services and puts herself and clients at risk.

    The suggestion by someone to pull in the police is simply laughable, guilty until proven innocent

    Show some respect for the situation and her request and I am sure she will provide you with the experience of a lifetime because these things just happen and she wouldn’t be adverse to putting it all aside and getting on with your request. Since you’ve already paid for half why not try and work it out

    One thing I can say about Chloe, she wears her heart on her sleeve, she has a lot of friends in the industry and in client circles and regardless of if you’ve known her for 5 minutes or 5 years she’ll always be straight with you. It’s kind of a nice experience to deal with a real person with no pretences.

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