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Thread: Mia at 60 - a very good session with a real PYT

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    Mia at 60 - a very good session with a real PYT

    Person's Name : Mia

    Establishment : 60 Chatswood

    Date of Visit : 11/3/20

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

    Phone : 0448 829891

    Hours of Business : 10 til late

    Rates : $200/hr (Diamond Service)

    Age : She told me she was 26 - I wold have believed her had she said 22

    Size/shape : Very pretty face with beautiful eyes, quite short, lovely slim figure with pert B-cups. Bush either trimmed or not very hairy.

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Services Provided : DFKing, rimming, BBBJ, 69, cowgirl, doggie, mish

    Value for money/recommend? : Absolutely - a lovely and very pretty young girl

    My experience/comments : Called, spoke to Jim and booked Mia.

    Turned up and had a chat with Jim while I waited a couple of minutes.

    Also said hello to two new girls, Yimi and Jean both looked good although, as the website says, Jean TBH (has) a little bit baby fat once again, refreshing honesty from the shop (but they both looked like they could be worth a visit).

    Mia came and collected me a led me to the room.

    She has a very pretty face with beautiful eyes, is quite short and was wearing a tight top and a short white skirt over a black bra and knickers.

    We stripped and showered with Mia giving me a thorough washing.

    Mia has a lovely slim figure with pert B-cups and a very cute bum. Her bush is either trimmed or just not very hairy.

    Onto the bed and she gave me a catbath, including some DFKing and licking of my earlobes and rubbing her tits over my torso and groin.

    To be honest, this went on a little bit too long but she eventually got round to pushing my legs in the air for some work on my perineum and then rimming me lovely.

    Mia then worked her way up my shaft and started a very good BBBJ no teeth, plenty of saliva, good hand-action and loads of lovely eye-contact.

    She moved around, before I suggested it, for some 69 and was soon moaning before moving away but Im not certain whether she came.

    After some more BBBJ she dressed me, applied some lube and squeezed me in she was really tight, and at first held onto the base of my shaft to restrict my access, but she soon loosen up and rode me well while we had some more DFKing.

    I asked for some doggie and stood at the foot of the bed. This was very good as Mia has a very cute butt and was getting quite loud. (She immediately swiped my hand away when I went to finger her arsehole.)

    Next we had some mish.

    The website says she does CIM but it was so good making eye-contact with and kissing this very pretty young and, as she urged me on, saying she was cumming, I squirted and I could feel her vaginal contractions as I tried to get my breath back.

    After the tidy-up Mia lay in my arms and we had a chat her English is OK.

    She said she was from Sichuan Province (but not from either of the two main cities of Chengdu or Chongqing) and has been here for six months, working at 60 four or five days a week.

    The photos they use are real.

    I told her my age and she said that her mother was seven years younger than me thanks Mia!!!!

    There was no rush to get rid of me but all too soon time was up and we showered and dressed and I departed.

    I went to have a chat with Jim and saw a very pretty girl called Alice and there was a tall and slim girl in reception who said her name was Yoli but I cant comment on whether she is pretty as she was wearing a face-mask (and she told me she was going on holiday and didnt know whether shed be back).

    I was parked at the rear and Id just got to my car when a girl came out, wearing just a black bra and g-string, to hang up some washing. I went to have a chat with her and I asked her name.

    It was extremely embarrassing for me when she said she was Kiki and reminded me that Id seen her last week and she turned round and pointed to her ample posterior to emphasize the point I recognised her then!!! (But, in my defense, she wasnt yet wearing her full war-paint.)

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