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Thread: Handsome guys - why do you punt?

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    Quote Originally Posted by howareyoukk View Post
    i log in to my account in private browsing just so i can answer this question, albeit I am just a mediocre asian dude at best.

    I have been a virgin for 27 years and only until the last few years did I realize my I am severely lacking in social skills because of the bad developments in childhood and formative years. (strict parenting high school bullies etc)

    I don't like crowds or going out often. The girls i had a crush on in the past were full with excuses - "i am not into a relationship", "you are too young"etc

    I was struck by enlightenment this week that i might never meet a half decent girl that i actually like so why would I save my sexual encounter for that. So i booked my first session this week and I had no remorse.

    I am even thinking about losing my virginity to an escort or ML that i like in a few months because I am now all about the mentality that i would rather rent an audi rs3 for a short period of time than being stuck with a Corolla for eternality.
    There's no point being a virgin until you meet your ideal girl. As you said, girls will come up with all excuses these days not to get involved in serious relationships because they want to experience life and try out with a few guys before they decide to get steady or settle down. Life is short. Go enjoy life. Have fun but be safe in your adventures.

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    Personally I want a quick fuk no complications.

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