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Thread: Alana - never again

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    Alana - never again

    For some sort of reference point, I created an account solely to warn others from her.

    I arrive, guy from reception introduces us and tells me she does 45 mins minimum. Not a problem, it's my first punt since shops reopen so that's what I was looking for anyway.

    When we go in the room, she tells me to have a shower then spends the entire time on her phone. I'm surprised by this (not a super experienced punter but have probably 15-20 visits over my years), as I've never been completely ignored while I'm in the shower by a girl before (that isn't my partner at the time lol).

    I sort of shake my head but it's cool! Maybe she's in the middle of something. I dry off then spend a minute just standing there before she notices I'm done, at which point she comes over and offers kissing and BBBJ for $150.

    Amused slightly by this immediate money grab I politely decline, so she tells me to lie down and starts giving me the least enthusiastic and disappointing CBJ I've maybe ever received.

    Seriously, like just the tip is being touched.

    "Can you play with my balls" - no
    "Can you go deeper" - no

    Shaking my head I ask her if we can get the sex underway. She says sure, but says she won't do any position other than missionary because I'm "too big" downstairs.

    Honestly I am reasonably thick down there (not a porn star length lol) but have had issues in the past with girls over it hurting in different positions so I'm okay with that, but it was followed by the most boring sex I've had in a long time, so I just got it over and done with, washed myself off, and left the room. All in all about 15 mins into my 45 min booking, I'm back at the front desk.

    The lady at the front could sense I was annoyed so asked me if I was happy, to which I was honest and said no.

    I am really really not one of those people who complaints to managers and asks for their money back EVER but this time was an exception.

    I just told them I was disappointed and they immediately knew why, offering me a discount for next time and some of my money back which was really nice of them, and might have me coming back again at some point.

    Alana seemed nice (apart from the lack of interest) and had a really sexy body but I can't help be really disappointed by my experience. Hopefully it was just a bad night for her.

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    A very gentle, genuine and an honest approach.
    Thanks for the AR.

    Atleast you had balls to go up the front desk... I'm too much of a pussy to even do that
    (The word pussy is not used to offend or degrade the females, but just used as a metaphor)

    Good luck for next time. Safe punting

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    Thanks for the AR bro. Alana I think use to be Meghan at N5M, back there she use to do diamond service when I saw her and then all of a sudden she was standard service only. After a bit it looks like she moved to Chatswood 60.

    When I saw her (and I only saw her once) she was actually really good. Nice DFK, bbbj etc. but off course I paid for diamond and this was when she offered diamond.

    She mentioned how she wanted to work in Hong Kong and Europe as a high end escort to make more money but that looked like it never eventuated.

    Iím glad Chatswood 60 offered some money back. Her service seems to have decreased over time lol.

    Below is my AR of her when she was Megan at N5M. Geeze her service sure has gone down.

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    mate I been to chatswood60 couple of times
    My last time I went there is my final
    Because the picture they post on d website n d real girl is about 15years different...
    N worst of all
    I introduced my friend to go too
    N for his first experience there he got screw.
    The girl he saw, in d session keep on Talking om d phone n afterward tell him about how she have a kid still in China

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    Sounds like This place has management issue. I hate wl on the phone. After the session is bearable but not before or in the middle of the session

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