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Thread: Ada @ TP64

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    Ada @ TP64

    Person's Name : Ada

    Establishment : 64 Alexander, Taren Point

    Date of Visit : 14th July 2020

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

    Phone : 02 9524 1278

    Hours of Business : 10am to 1am

    Rates : $150/hr, $90/ half hr

    Age : Early 20's

    Size/shape : Well proportioned body, not skinny, not chubby. Breasts firm, perky, natural, not MILF breasts, C/D, no sag, small pink nipples

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Services Provided : FS, BBBJ, CoT

    Value for money/recommend? : Yup

    My experience/comments :

    First time back since the zombie apocalypse. I donned the hazmat suit and with the radiation detector leading the way I climbed the side stairs of TP64.

    Under new management now but some familiar names remain on the roster. Are they the same WL though? I am not so sure about that.

    Anyhow I was offered a choice of Ada or Cindy. Both are attractive. They seemed about the same with the exception that Ada had the more potentially delicious breasts. Ada it was!

    Her English is not so good so don't expect a detailed conversation in English about the Orange Hamster of the Oval Office, Winnie the Pooh's Shenzhen Honey Pot or even that delicious bat and pangolin stew of Wuhan.

    Ada didn't seem inclined to join me in the shower, which didn't bother me too much as it was certainly a treat to enjoy plentiful hot water. Always in short supply at TP64 during busy times.

    She'd stripped off by the time I was done and oh my...

    I am a connoisseur of perky young breasts. Her rack is absolutely perfect. Ada is no teen but her pink areolae have a slight hint of puffiness. Her small virginal nipples point outwards with the breasts themselves not at all drooping from the weight. I'd be surprised if she has breast fed. The breasts are understandably quite firm. Some girls get all the luck with their genes.

    Remember the perkiness of Traci Lords breasts? No? Well you should! But Ada's aren't as long and are set much closer to her chest. Like Traci, Ada's breasts point outward.

    I fell to my knees immediately and with arms outstretched to heaven I thanked the good lord for delivering Traci's/Ada's breasts to me. She looked at her watch and said "are you done yet?" Not quite the way it went...

    We began with... some breast play. You may not have guessed from the preceding commentary.

    Now her cowgirl is the grinding sort. I am not keen on that as it can be uncomfortable for me if my hard on is accidentally bent. Can easily happen if you are endowed like Peter North, as I am.

    Not. But Traci will stop and allow you to thrust and she'll join in the rhythm. That was great. Lots of moans too, not overdone like some cheap Ron Jeremy flick.

    We enjoyed the BBBJ and her head movement reminded me of that time Marica Hase... no maybe it was Jade Kush or Vina Sky... I forget but it was quite good.

    I was given the option of covering up for the BJ but she'd pretty much already begun before I'd replied. I was a little slow to reply, busy kneading her breasts and all.

    Doggy did cross my mind. She has a nice tight ass to grip. DATY also crossed my mind.

    With the zombie apocalypse outside and with a second wave apparently on its way from Victoria and some pubs to the east and south-west of TP64 I decided that looking at her gorgeous breasts while pounding her in the style of a missionary would be ideal.

    My first punt since the zombie invasion. How my arms and hands hurt from those months of porn.

    Her pussy is well groomed I might add. I like a well tended garden. She presented with a delightfully trimmed triangle with no distracting undergrowth. Plenty of inner labia too, if that is your go. Didn't notice much else, I kept looking at Traci's breasts.

    At one stage I considered CoT but language was an issue. I think she might have been up for it without needing a tip.

    Later, when she realised I was a regular she lavished a little more attention on me, hopeful I'd return to her again. I probably will, considering there is much more to do and explore beyond her breasts.

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    • Ada
      Ada is PERFECTION, her head turning beauty will have you MEMORIZED the moment you lay eyes on her. Ada will tantalize you with her incredible beauty and send you into heavily bliss. Ada's passion and excitement will send you into ecstasy! With her captivating smile and alluring beauty, Ada is sure to take your breath away. Her sexy skills will have you back for more, DONT MISS OUT BOOKINGS A MUST 嬌小玲瓏,漂亮翹臀,風情萬種,百般嫵媚。 最高級質量激情服務,如膠似漆,和你共度纏綿溫柔幸福時光,極其優秀女孩。
    64 Alexander Ave, Taren Point
    02 95241278 or 0424 666 228

    Sunday-Thursday :10am-3am , Friday-Sat: 10am-5am

    Discrete side entrance with onsite parking
    See More:

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