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Thread: Yoko - Just like your ex (maybe better)

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    Yoko - Just like your ex (maybe better)

    I recently discovered this forum and after reading some reviews, thought i'd make an account and start contributing to the community! I broke up with my long term girlfriend a couple of months ago and recently discovered the world of punting. Dangerous i guess? Anyhow, here's my first post so please take it easy on me haha. Feedback always welcome as well.

    I was out last night at a mate's birthday and felt the need to relieve after the nights festivities. So i popped into 42G and after seeing the line up, decided to go with Yoko for an hour. She was really cute in her white dress. Her face is definitely very pretty! Coughed up the cash and was walked to the room when Yoko knocks on the door shortly. I help her set up the bed (because i'm nice like that) and then we undress and hop into the shower together. At this point i was caressing her boobs and body whilst she was gently washing me with some premium Thank You (i think it was this) soap that was available. Not the shitty Nivea/Home brand stuff haha. We kissed a bit as well in the shower. She's got really nice, and smooth skin, large hand-filling boobs and was shaved.

    After the shower we hopped onto the bed and we continued with the make out sesh. She's a great kisser and it was definitely very sensual just like when you're with ex! After a couple of minutes she slowly moved down and started to lick on my nipples. From my recent scouring of this forum, i believe this is called a cat bath? I'm quite new to these but yea sure, it felt great! Haven't really experience this before with my ex's so i guess i can't speak too much on this but Yoko was definitely into it with the of her tongue and lips as they glid around my chest region. She then moved down and started to give me a BBBJ. Her BJ skills are really great at it felt amazing. It was a great balance of suckage pressure and tongue use with no teeth. Like i mentioned earlier i'm quite new to this world but as i closed my eyes the feeling and experience thus far was just like or even better than what i've received from exs.

    After a couple of (great) minutes, she comes up and i flip her over to repay the favour. She was extremely responsive and sensual with body pulsating and arms around me as i started from her neck, with a quick pit stop (that Max Verstappen would not approve of coz it wasn't so quick) around her breasts before arriving down for some DATY. She was moaning and after a couple of minutes down there she was really wet.

    I then came up and she slips the rubber and and we begin to do the deed. The sex was excellent and the whole experience just felt like i was with a girlfriend. She was energetic, responsive, sensual and vocal (in a genuine way) throughout the whole time. After a while i blew my load and was pretty gassed. We're probably 45 mins into the session by now so we just cuddled in bed and had a chat for a bit. Her English is probably 3-4/10 but translating apps do help i guess.

    Overall I walked away feeling very happy. Yoko was great and the quality of service she offered made me feel like i was with a girlfriend. We had great chemistry throughout the session and i will definitely be back to see her again! Being quite new to this, Yoko definitely stood out as some of the girls i've visited before have felt quite mechanical. Everything just flowed, was natural and unrushed!

    P.S - Apologies for the F1 reference, but i fucking love F1.

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    I popped in again to see Yoko again last night. She was absolutely amazing again! Even better than the first time 😍 I think she's officially my favourite girl at 42g right now. We just click!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Companion View Post
    I popped in again to see Yoko again last night. She was absolutely amazing again! Even better than the first time �� I think she's officially my favourite girl at 42g right now. We just click!
    That's great man, its' nice when you get chemistry with a girl and can keep visiting again and the experience gets better. Saw her once at Ginza Empire.

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    Glad you got off to a great start Companion
    ... and thanks for reporting back, it is always appreciated

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