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Thread: Maddy - CBD 0423598651 May 2020

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    Maddy - CBD 0423598651 May 2020

    Approximate Age
    Late 20s
    Provider Info:
    English: First language, she also mentions she can speak Spanish
    Hair: Shoulder length
    Hair Colour: Orange
    Tatts: Some small body tatts
    Looks: Curvy, on the larger side, really cute/pretty and lovely face and smile
    Skin Colour: Mildly tanned but generally fair
    Body: Curvy, on larger side. Large breasts
    Breasts: DD
    Twat Appearance: clean shaven
    Smoker: No
    Session cost and length
    $350 45 minutes
    Extras Cost
    Most included but probably more for other extras
    Would I return?

    Service Info (fill in detail in addition to tags)
    DFK: Yes
    BJ: Great BBBJ
    CIM: Might be extra
    DATY: Yes, as well as fingering
    Rimming on her: Didn't try but likely offered
    Rimmed by her: Not offered
    Sex: Good
    Eye Contact: Yes lots
    Shower Fun: No
    Friendly: Yes
    Would I Return: Maybe
    Maddy has been reviewed before on other sites. Its probably more personal preference but definitely money takes a part in my punting behaviour but I just mainly see Asian WLs. Western privates pretty much are all priced at least $400 /hour and upwards so purely from an economical standpoint i’m more likely to see Asian WLs and to take a ‘punt’ / chance on new WLs as the damage wouldn’t be so much. I generally do research and read reviews if I can prior to all my punts but at $400/$500 price i need the very least some review or recommendation.
    That being said even when their great and worth the money, I’m not made of money so I wouldn’t be rushing back to see them. This is because I have found WLs just as good but for half the price..

    In any case Maddy has the good reviews, photos are enticing and her reviews reflect she is really friendly and willing to service so I decided to book her.
    My burner mobile is stuffing up and not sending or receiving sms properly however booking was not straightforward.
    I realise Ally-Thomas is an agency and there have been variable and pretty bad reviews of some of their WLs even though in general their girls are extremely hot.
    Initially on another day I texted and got no reply and called as well and had no reply.
    I called again on another morning and someone picked up on the other end.
    I have no idea if I was talking to Maddy or another girl, later when I actually saw Maddy she said sometimes she picks up but generally it’s the other girls and she had a good laugh about how they try to mimic her NZ accent.
    As I was not expecting anyone to pick up I was kind of put offguard but I made a booking in the early afternoon and Maddy said she would text me the details but I didn’t receive anything after texting confirming.
    Again it may be my mobile but I called again and confirmed the address to go to and that my booking was still there.
    Went to the location near Southern Cross, now if I didn’t read another review I wouldn’t have waited for so long or been calling them asking whats going on. The apartment block is a pedestrian street with Asian restaurants but theres a whole bunch of guys standing outside. I’m sure some are waiting for a punt but others probably for delivery. This was the middle of the day.
    I got there 15mins early which was not much point and rang them that I was there. Maddy said she would ring me when the room was ready.
    30mins after our scheduled booking time I receive a phone call and go up.
    Maddy greets me at the door, she’s extremely friendly and sociable. She directs me to one of the rooms. Theres another room with another WL. She gives me instructions which I believe are meant to reduce the chance of possibly bumping into another punter, as she tells me to take my clothes off and shower and knock on the door when I’m done.
    I shower quickly and come back. She returns.
    I was kind of nervous but she was really accommodating. The photos are accurate but she’s on the curvier side than what the photos suggest. We chatted about her and current COVID, she’s really easy to talk to and spoke about her travel plans that got disrupted.
    She has no regular schedule and just randomly worked the day I booked her.
    After chatting a little bit and getting familiar and friendly we start making out, DFK. She’s a great kisser and her lips are soft.
    Gives me a BBBJ and I ask if I can return the favour which she was more than happy with.
    She gets wet and comes with some light fingering she tells me I know what I’m doing which is the usual confidence booster but can never be sure of this. I’m not sure how accurate although I get the impression most punters don’t return the favour or are too rough as WLs keep repeating this sentiment.
    We proceed to sex, some cowgirl before going into missionary.
    I’m not that big though, and if to be honest her pussy is larger so its not that tight for me. However its clear in my review about her service and she wants me to come, she wraps her legs around me and I get over the edge.
    $350 would I return maybe, but I think I would consider her other services if I did return. After I showered and she told me to knock on the door when I was done again. When I left I briefly saw the other WLs who looked pretty hot and slim but had a resting bitch face and was not as friendly as Maddy.

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    Nice review. Cheers

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