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Thread: Mina - Mixed feelings

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    Mina - Mixed feelings

    Service: 1 hr gold @ $200
    Rating: 6.75/10
    Value for money: Better off with 30 mins standard.
    Best for: Quick BJ becuase she has excellent BJ skills.

    After reading a lot of good reviews from fellow punters for this lady, decided to give her a shot.
    First thing first - the photos are not really hers, she is bit short and very chubby girl.
    She cleaned me quite well in the shower and started off with a good cat bath in bed, this chic has got some good licking skills. She didn't enjoy my watery little john, so I had to ask her to switch to cbj, but I am glad I did that - she is an awesome blowjober.
    It was probably my mistake taking 1 hr gold session, as most girls don't go beyond 15 mins blowjob. Mina as well didn't honour the 1 hr booking and started hurrying me to fuck her in 15th minute of the session, this is where it gets nastier - once you start telling them they need to honour the 1 hr booking.. everything goes down hill from there.
    Then the mechanical fucking starts, she is neither tight nor interested to make me harder while banging, so the guy was basically trying to find a spot to hang on to It is possible that she had a busy day, or I was really unlucky to catch her on a bad day... to give benefit of the doubt to some of the Mina fans out here.
    I have had better days.
    Would I return: Yes, but it would only be for standard 30 mins as it is only worth that, and can really enjoy a good BJ.

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    It was interesting to read the OP thread.

    I donít understand why the thread needs to be spammed with advertisements afterwards though.

    Shouldnt this be removed and put somewhere else?

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    Great review. Heard many things about her

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    Mina just back from holiday refresh booking welcome
    On special now $80 for 30 minutes full service

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