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Thread: Lucy, the one always provide great service

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    Lucy, the one always provide great service

    Last Friday, got nothing to do, need to burn some time. Went to 7 the see any new girls available, called up and found someone named Lala who I never tried. Booked for 30 minutes and arrived shop, reception said lala just left due to her period which is weird.
    Anyway chose another one which is Lucy, I know her always providing great service.
    Took shower and she came in, had a bit chat then I laid down for her to do cat bath, after a while she started licking my little bro and rubbing my area, feeling so good. She got skill to make man enjoy. Then she jumped on me and doing cowgirl, her boobs are high which I enjoy the most. She was doing really hard and I can see she was sweating. Then she trun around to let me bump her from rear. Then I can play with her boobs more.
    At the end she laid down and I bumped her hard she enjoyed as well. After all she gave me a good massage and finish up.
    Overall she is a great lady, affrg I finished someone was waiting for her already, popular one.

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    Lucy nature E cup top sweet girlfriend service today booking welcome

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