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Thread: Famous Jazz Tune Massage

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    @ace - after your public descriptive post, girls would cut your nuts out if they knew who you are. No decorum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ace01 View Post
    I, for one, would rather people talk about the feel/attitude of the lady - EG, xxxx is definitely more of a conversationalist with a PSE, and Xxxx more of a innocent high pitch giggling student with a GFE feel (although she is definitely not naive at all)
    Then get the laws changed.
    As it is, these women can get fined, disgraced and deported. Doesnt happen to punters. Maybe it should. That way people may think before they post.

    Most of the ladies donít do this work for the pleasure or the scintillating company of some here. They take incredible risks with their health, mental wellbeing, reputation and safety for the quick buck

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    lets be a bit real, my post is probably less descriptive than a lot of others around here - i merely describe the feel of a particular ML to me. i could have used the same description for girls i simply have a dinner date with - misogynistic? maybe, but that's pretty much of a given if you are on a forum like this (some more so than others)

    As much as i find it fun sometimes, the way clues are left, it doesnt take much of a detective for people to gather sufficient information. So if you have done something you are not suppose to and dont want it to be known - dont post or share on this forum.

    As to the consequences - if you are there to get a massage and maybe flirt and perv - you are just pervert just like me but no laws are broken. IF you do more than that and get caught - you will be fined, disgraced and deported if you are on a visa just like the ladies - definitely have happened to some punters

    I would totally agree that most ladies if not all dont do this for pleasure only - anyone who truely believe otherwise is delusional. Men also do so with risks to their health and mental wellbeing. Men often wrongly infer mental love from physically love but almost always the women knows the 2 are very different

    I simply find it crazy when one member make a personal attack of another when the another gives different impression of a particular lady. The ladies must find that funny.

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