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Thread: Sweet Candy at Newtown PBM

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    Sweet Candy at Newtown PBM

    Person's Name : Candy

    Establishment : Newtown Pretty Baby Massage

    Date of Visit : 15/09/2020

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink: 20 Longdown St Newtown NSW 2042

    Phone : +61410268166

    Hours of Business : 10am - 9pm/7 days

    Rates : $120/hr

    Age : 18

    Size/shape : Size 6, Pear shaped body

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Vietnamese

    Services Provided : Massage, B2B, NHJ

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes

    My experience/comments : Havenít been punting for awhile and now keen to go for another round of relaxation and release so I checked Newtown PBM WeChat for any updates on their roster. Well Iím in luck as there are 2 new girls starting on today. Shan and Candy were both from Vietnam. So I asked Penny for a recommendation and i opted to go with Candy who is 18 and a newbie in the massage scene. I havenít been with a Vietnamese lady so I now I can just ticked one off the bucket list. So here it goes...

    Showed up just in time at the shop and was greeted by the girls and Penny at reception. Temperature checked and hand sanitation done just before going inside the room. Quick chat with Penny and finances sorted with her and then went to undress while waiting for Candy. A few minutes later a knock and here she comes with a glass of water. Candy is about 5 ft tall, size 6, pretty face and so young looking. She is wearing those nurse outfit that doesnít hide much of her assets. She offered to help me get out of my jeans and socks which was a nice touch.

    Part 1. Onto the massage table I lay down and let Candy do the massage in front of me while having a chat with her. A considerable amount of oil and pressure was done on my back, neck and shoulders. She told me she just started today and had training from Penny and no experience in massage shops. Not bad for a first timer. She even asked me whether I wanted more pressure but I just said soft. While enjoying her massage I get to caress her firm bum and thighs and do a bit of tickling on her legs. I also played with her pussy with her panties on. And I didnít even ask! She just let me have a play while she does her thing. Candy then shifts to the other side of the table to the lower part of my body and this part surprised me. She massage my feet and legs, then worked on my bum and a bit of tickling and tackling under. She does this for quite some time while i can hear her moaning and teasing me on the mirror. Smiling, biting her lips, letting her mouth open. That is sexy AF! As she was doing this it made me horny now and I canít help myself but to grabbed her ass. Candy is playful, sensual and fun!

    Part 2. Onto the flip. Now the question - do I want B2B? Hell yeah! I was waiting to look at that body since you came in the room. To which perky breasts with ample nipples, a round firm bum and an unshaven pussy was revealed. She began to do a bit of kissing on my legs, the groin area, tummy and chest. Then a bit of frontal body slide before pouring oil in my shaft and Candy began tugging me. I got up to have a play with her pussy and she said outside only please as I flicked her clit making her moan in delight. She asked me if I want to get tugged faster I said that for now it is ok. She maintains eye contact as well as moaning and teasing with her breasts. I couldnít hold on any longer as I asked her to lick my nipples and jerk me off faster. After a few moments it was bliss...Candy didnít stop jerking til the last drop. And commenting thatís a lot of cum. Haha! After the wipe down we got about 5 minutes to spare Candy gave me a head massage and a bit of chat. She studies nursing, young 18 year old who has been in Australia for a year now.

    Time is up so I headed to the shower as she used a lot of oil on me. But before that she got me a towel and wrapped it in my waist. This girl is such a sweetheart. I dried up and got dressed and thanked and hugged Candy for the wonderful session.

    Such an amazing experience for a newbie in the industry. Will be back to see her thatís for sure.

    English/Communication: 8/10
    Massage Skills: 8/10
    GFE: 7/10

    WIR: Definitely. Good VFM. Shop and Girls A+

    Disclaimer: Again, it is YMMV Fellow Punters
    (Earned Not Demanded)

    Happy Punting = Happy Endings!!!
    YMMV Folks!!! Earned NOT Demanded
    Happy Punting = Happy Endings!!!

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    thanks for the review

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