First AR.

Face: She's good looking in a cute way. Wouldn't say hot, but definitely cute.
Body: Shorter lady - probably just under 160. There cushion for the pushin' but definitely not fat. Don't really know how to describe this but she is not out of shape - more like when an ad says 'curvy' this is exactly what you hope for.
Age: Definitely under 25.
Personality: Friendly and willing
Services: BBBJ, DFK, DATY, rimming, CIM (it was a Diamond session)
Overall: Good session, didn't feel chemistry but that's probably more on me than on her.

Went to visit 60 because I was in the area and thought why not. I'd been looking at the roster for a while and was always curious to see what makes a 'cover girl' since that's an extra $50 for the hour. At this point, I'm guessing it's the age.

Bella invites me into the shower and washes me up while we make some small talk. Asks if I'd like it if she rims me which surprised me a little bit since most of the girls (not just at 60) actively try to avoid this unless specifically asked to do it even if it's in the included services. For me, if the girl is willing to do it I'm happy to receive it but if not, I'm also happy to go without - most of the time I only go diamond for the DFK.

We get to the bed and start off with a catbath on my back. This moves onto rimming for a bit then she asked me to turn over for a lickdown on the front. BBBJ is pretty nice. I ask her to come back to some DFK then proceed to give her some DATY. Bella is untrimmed which usually bothers me a little because being untrimmed usually requires a bit more effort in the cleaning department. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find Bella didn't have any smell or taste down there so DATY was a nice experience. My only issue at this point was the rhythmic, fake sounds as I personally prefer silence over that.

After all that, a little more BBBJ then she gets out a dom and we start with some cowgirl and then move over to some missionary after a while. It was quite late so I was already pretty tired so I asked her to finish me off with a HJ and CIM.

As you can probably tell from the rest of the AR, I didn't walk in looking for a romantic encounter but, rather, to be taken care of so I'm guessing I didn't give Bella much to work with in terms of chemistry. All in all, though, I'd say that Bella is one you should try out since she's a pretty lady who is quite happy to provide all of the services and is actually close to the advertised age.