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Thread: Apple - nice lady who loved our session together

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    Smile Apple - nice lady who loved our session together

    Person's Name : Apple

    Establishment : 18 Chard rd Brookvale

    Date of Visit : 2/11/2020

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

    Phone :02 9939 5555

    Hours of Business : Rostered on every day

    Rates : $130 for 45 minutes

    Age : 30 plus

    Size/shape : 162 cm quite a solid build with baby tummy and a tattoo, ok legs which were shapely and strong, large maybe D cup natural breasts which were not firm but ok, her skin is very soft and smooth, ok face just average but looked pretty during DFK

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Services Provided : catbath, BBBJ, balls sucking, side saddle for a long time, missionary, DFK, massage

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes she was ok although not my ideal body type but she loved me fucking her and the blowjob and fucking felt very good.

    My experience/comments : This lady has minimal English skills so we used the translater app and I was expecting a younger better looking girl but she was a very nice person and really liked me.

    After the shower we lay down and the catbath starts and after a few moments some balls licking and then a pretty good BBBJ going about half way and it was slow and sensual.

    My balls also got a good slow sucking and she is really good at this and I enjoyed it for five minutes and then back for more sucking and then she gets the dom on and some lube.

    I suggested some side saddle to start so I could slowly fuck her while I grab those big tits and as soon as I was in there she was very worked up and excited and playing with her clit.

    She was mumbling something the whole time and kept saying throughout the whole time fucking that she was enjoying it very much and I just enjoyed going slowly.

    Her pussy felt really good and her legs are ok and firm and I changed the angle a few times and she was softly crying out and she had my balls in one hand and her clit in the other.

    I was holding her tits and just kept up a slow steady rhythm and then some faster bursts and I think she was cumming a couple of times but not sure.

    This was about fifteen minutes due to the good feeling and then I switched to missionary and this was also a really good feeling and just went slowly for a while and she was very turned on.

    I later held her neck and bum in each hand and now really pounded her and she was crying out and holding onto me and it felt very good and I just kissed her right at the end.

    I extracted and just lay next to her and now she is wrapping herself around me and we are in a very passionate DFK with plenty of tongue and she looked very pretty.

    She said that she really loved the experience and does not always get many guys who can fuck as well as me and she said that she enjoyed it very much.

    She now offered a massage and is competent and it felt good.

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    Nice reading good details thanks
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    thanks for review

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    Thanks for the review

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    Meh take it or leave it

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    Extremely Busty and Excellent Service!

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