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Thread: Chloe is such a scammer and rude and impolite person

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    Exclamation Chloe is such a scammer and rude and impolite person

    Just happened yesterday 19/11/20. I booked a room and contacted Chloe for 1 hour outcall. She asked me to make $300 deposit and I was not sure if it is right to do because I never have had deposited to an escort before but I trust her reviews and photos on the website so I did.

    I should have read the warning on another post and should have not had deposited but I did deposit into her account then she never came or reply to my messages.

    She promised to came but after I sent her the payment receipt she did not reply or answer phone call and been waiting for more than 4 hours without any reply.

    Then she sent rude messages and was totally impolite person coming up with ridiculous reasons such as the receipt could be made photoshop and payment did not come, other people could make deposit via mobile number which I did through mobile app but it did not work for me and it said her mobile is not registered with payid etc...

    She actually had another booking or something so she went for that booking without letting me know anything and wasted my time contacting her and waiting for during those time and at night time she messaged me that she received the deposit and I asked for a refund.

    In the morning, I sent her my bank account details and told her to refund the deposit then she told me I am rude and a jerk and she said no refund. This is totally a scam and robbing in daylight. She refused to refund and took the deposit and she was sending messages and laughing at me. What a scammer and big liar!

    Be careful and never make any deposit before meet with any escort.

    Her account is with anz
    Bsb 013030
    Ac no 530383037

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    Well you have done your $300 that is for sure, but you should text her to tell her that you posted about it on the forum and she is going to lose a fuck of lot more money by the bad publciity than she ripped off you.

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