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Thread: Alice, 7 Cowper Road, Granville

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    Alice, 7 Cowper Road, Granville

    Tried a 30 minute session at this place, as I had busy schedule on that day

    Person's Name : Alice
    Location: 7 Cowper Road, Granville
    Age : Later 20s, Early 30s
    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese
    Size/shape : Size 7, 5'6", B-C cup natural
    Tattoos, scars: no tattoos, barely visible scar below navel

    Services Provided : LFK, DATY, CBJ

    Decided to try a 30 minute session here
    For the first time at Cowper, I was given a lineup, and was shown Alice, as well as two others
    All three women were brought in at the same time into one of the rooms, which was a first for me
    I always find it hard to remember all the names with these introductions
    I chose Alice, as she was slimmer, which is my preference

    Alice politely led me into the front room, and asked me to have a shower
    I opened the curved glass shower cubicle, which wouldn't comfortably fit two
    She returns as I finish, and she compliments me on my new casual shirt - it has bright red in it, and is quite striking
    I tell her I would like a half hour session

    We chat for a little while, and after breaking the ice, I lie down and await what is in store
    Alice is around 5'6", nice looking short of attractive, her shoulder length hair is light brown but not obviously dyed
    No tattoos, as my above intro details
    She begins by asking me a little about myself, her English is pretty good, then she lies next to me
    I start kissing her cheek, LFK is on the menu, then I run my hands over her body
    Her breasts are B cup, and nicely shaped for that proportion
    She didn't mind having her nipples sucked, and also a bit of DATY
    I tried missionary, and her pussy is a nice fit, and she moans gently as we go
    Doggie was nice too
    It was a short session, and Alice was keen for things to reach the conclusion
    I finished up, and she said goodbye, and left me, so I could have a shower

    Alice is a kind hearted lady, who may provide you with GFE, if the chemistry is there

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    DATY most days
    I have seen Alice. Nice girl. Good GFE.

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    DATY most days
    I saw Alice today. She now works at Bonza Beauties Seven Hills. Very attractive girl. Her name is Kelly at this shop. Pretty straight service.

    Kelly is Chinese, 32, very attractive, lovely natural C cups that fit in my hands perfectly, very nice pussy and she likes to squeeze your cock with her pussy muscles as you fuck. I have not seen her for about one year and only saw her twice at Cowper Street but we remember each other and she says " you are the man that made me cum last time " so she has a good memory. I ask her about that and she say she that she does not cum for many customers but remembers me from my tongue skills. My reputation precedes me.

    Kelly is a good fuck because of her amazing pussy. She only does cbj and won't kiss so I offered her a compromise. No blowjob as I don't like covered but she must in return kiss me. She agreed and started off mouth closed kissing but I soon got some tongue off her and she was actually a nice kisser. She is very pretty and my cock was well behaved today so I gave her a long, slow then vigorous fucking in mish, side entry, lying down doggie then pulled her to the edge of the bed for some standing up mish in which I shot my load.

    She was horny and wet by now so DATY'ed her to an orgasm, showered and left. Good girl. Probably a bit too straight for my liking but great pussy to fuck so no complaints.

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    Thank you for your review today we have beautiful beautiful girls booking welcome

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