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Thread: Lili, new star for 7. amazing service

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    Lili, new star for 7. amazing service

    Head to No 7 today after lunch and contact boss, confirmed I can come with spectial price. get in and Lili was waiting for me, got her once last time and service was amazing, really wanna try her again.

    Took a show and she helped me dry out. Lay on the bed and flirtting with rubbing the whole body then she gave me cat bath, very gentle and patient. After a while we changed positon 69 which is my favourite then she jumped on me cowgirl, funny thing she nearly forgot to put condom on my little brother. cowgirl and she really enjoyed. I can feel she controlled pace really well and she came at least twice, then we changed position.

    After a while I fucked her really hard and gave a shoot with her at same time

    Overall is great, will go back to see her again.
    face: 8/10
    service : 10/10
    skill: 9/10
    attitude: 10/10
    value for money: yes
    will go back again: yes

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    Thank you for your review today we have beautiful beautiful girls booking welcome

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