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Thread: Sunny. You are a Super Star!

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    Sunny. You are a Super Star!

    SW Name: Sunny

    Visit Date: November 2020

    Time of Day: A weekend daytime


    SW Age: 25

    Size and Shape: Petite size 6, 153cm, 10C breasts

    From: China

    Price: $230/hr

    Service: Passionate Kissing/ DATY, BBBJ, CIM, Full Sex

    Upshot: Outstanding girl. Well worth the visit.

    November has been a series of dud roots.

    I couldn’t even review these dud girls as they all disappeared from the relative Brothels web site.

    Thankfully my regulars restored my faith in punting.

    This week has been a ripper. Two glorious sessions with Joanna from Nightshade and one with the incomparable Kate Wu.

    I noted that Sabrina had returned to Nightshade today and tried to book her in my window of opportunity. However she was booked.

    Going through the roster I found a young girl called Sunny who has not been reviewed anywhere. Maybe she is a dud or all you guys out there have her as a keeper because she is so good. She was available in my window so I booked her for an hour.

    Sunny is a tiny little Chinese girl. Pretty without being glamourous. She is wearing a sexy pink and black tight fitting dress which accentuates her voluptuous breasts. She has mid length black hair. Her eyes are saucer like and very compelling. Sunny has a lovely smile which makes me feel very comfortable in her presence. The photo on the web site maybe a bit dated which I will explain a bit later on.
    Sunny has reasonable English so we share some platitudes and a hug before we kick off proceedings.

    It is clothes off time to prepare for the shower. Sunny has a terrific young body. She is very skinny with soft pale skin. Without trying to detract from her she does have significant acne on her back. This normally comes from something, which I will leave alone. Her breasts are lovely. She has a fully shaved vagina which shows off her ‘outie”. It has been a long time since I have seen a real outie, with all her engine room exposed. To finish off, she has a lovely booty and very shapely legs.
    The prominent feature of a nude Sunny is the tattoo of a snake which goes from naval to the top of her pubic bone. If you check out the photo on the web site, you cannot see the tattoo, hence the photo maybe outdated.
    Rather than fuck around in the shower I have been taking the lead and get in, wash myself and get out, sometimes even before the girl comes. This was a bit of a shock to the lovely Sunny. She wanted me to stay, however I was done, so dried off while she was washing her girlie bits.

    I love a good foreplay. Sunny is not the most passionate kisser in the world, however there is enough there to keep me interested. It appears that Sunny is not used to being the centre of a customers attention. She wanted to take the lead and asked me to lie down. I suggested she sit in front of me and I massage her hair. Voila, immediately Sunny began to melt. Kissing her neck and massaging her hair is certainly getting her excited.
    With her arousal gaining momentum I got her to lie on the bed and went on an adventure of her body. The breasts are a work of art. So wonderful to kiss are those beautiful mammary glands topped off with amazing nipples. The more attention I gave those nipples the harder they got. In the mean time Sunny’s arousal is bringing on some soft moans.
    Down to her vagina. Presented right in front of me is the full engine room of her cunt. Now, not being presented with all her girly bits in front of me, I am a little shy about how I approach the DATY. I just followed my normal routine. Light kissing and licking in between her legs, licking and touching her around her vagina, which continued her arousal. Then onto the main dish. How good is it to work around such an amazing cunt as Sunny displays. Softly, slowly, sensually. Sometimes with the tip of my tongue, sometimes with my lips. Wow. Sunny is in heaven. She is moaning, writhing in pleasure, goosebumps everywhere. Each time she said “I am cumming” I backed off. I had her on the edge. What a babe. I had her in my eyeline the whole time watching her as her sexual arousal is completely out of control. Tossing from one side to the other in a high degree of pleasure.
    Eventually, I went a little deeper with longer licks and she exploded. She kept yelling “No, No, No” as her orgasm overwhelmed her. Wave after wave had her body in raptures. Sunny grabbed my hands and pushed me away. The poor girl is shaking uncontrollably. She tried to stand up, but couldn’t. Still shaking she told me that she had never felt anything like this. Part of me wanted to believe her. However, we know these girls are fantastic actresses.
    After a couple of minutes of her showing me what had happened and talking about what is happening in her body she got herself together.
    Sunny started on me. I have met some great exponents at blow jobs, and today here is another one. Sunny goes into more sensuality. Her fingers and hands assist in the cock play. She is more about play. No real hurry in how Sunny does business. Lots of saliva to lubricate my shaft where she has her mouth and tongue on the head of the penis, one hand on my swollen balls and one hand slowly sliding up and down my rock hard penis. Now I am in heaven.
    I am getting very close, and Sunny senses this, so it is on with the dom.

    Mish is my preferred position. I slide in ever so softly, and then continue in this manner. I whisper in her ear, “darling is this okay”, to which she replies “don’t stop”. Slow fucking. My type of sex. I can feel her lovely little tight cunt as I softly slide in and out.
    We have eye contact whilst passionately kissing, and then she closes her eyes. I whisper in her ear “do you like fucking like this?”. She didn’t need to answer. Her whole body gyrated and she went into a massive orgasm. The waves of ecstasy are washing over her. She got herself together. We are still in this slow fucking and I asked her if she was okay. Her reply was “I love this, don’t stop”.
    So, in slow momentum we continue. This sweet young little girl being fucked by someone much older than her. We are certainly as one as the adventure continues. We keep whispering dirty talk in each others ears, which set her off again. As I am touching the right spots and with the dirty talk she ups the level of intensity and then orgasmed again. Waves and waves of ecstasy.
    We are both sweating profusely. Poor Sunny says, “I cant go on, I am too tired”. Sunny is definitely not “fuck fit”. Pity. I could have gone on like this as she is so good.
    She asked me if she can give me a blow job. I said of course. Poor girl, she struggled to get up as she is shaking uncontrollably.
    Anyway, dom off and Sunny eventually got herself together. If I thought her blow job was good in the foreplay, this time it was amazing. It took all of 45 seconds for me to fill her mouth with salty cum. I asked her to kiss me with cum in her mouth, however she did not understand and spat into the tissue.
    We kiss and cuddle in post coital bliss. Sunny says to me that she has never had so many orgasms. She says that she will have to sleep for the rest of the day as she is so tired.

    Now come on you blokes,you have been hiding this girl. Surely you guys cannot have kept such a great lover under wraps for such a long time. Anyway, her cover has now been blown.

    I feel very privileged to be the first to tell you all about how amazing Sunny is.

    A special little girl who oozes sexuality. Sunny is another of the love making harem that is provided by Nightshade 42.

    I cant wait to see her again.

    I am going so far as to say that even after one session with her she is in the final three for the fuck of the year.

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    Quite a story...
    The use of the word “ skinny” immediately removes Sunny from my interest
    Tall 60kgs + size 7-8 is my area of interest...and difficult to find

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    Nice review. Sounds like a good experience

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    Sensational review and great read.

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    Awesome review.

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    Is she that petite 153cm? Or its typo?

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