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Thread: Tiffany.. Class... all Class :fire:

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    Post Tiffany.. Class... all Class :fire:

    Name : Tiffany

    Establishment : 64 Taren Point

    Date of Visit: Dec 2020 and (a few) since

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

    Phone : 02 9524 1278

    Hours of Business : 10am to late..

    Rates : 160/190/220 std gold diamond

    Age : who cares really ? 20's

    Size/shape: Class.. tall, great shape, C cup (probably) think of a model draped on a car.. like that....

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Services Provided : BBBJ, DATY, 69, CIM.. Diamond service.. Theres only so much you can do in a session..

    Recommend? ummm YES
    I've been trying to think of the right way to describe Tiffany and be completely fair about it. After decent amount of thought the right word came to me and it's completely on point.
    If class is what you're looking for then in the words of the immortal Molly, 'do yourself a favour' spend some time with Tiffany.
    To be completely honest, I can't remember if I went there to see another girl or if I went there as a random punt, but I can tell you that I do remember that once I walked in the room and was greeted, that I didn't care the original reason that I went there.
    The pictures on the web site are accurate, even though they are of different girls the depiction is spot on. I think at least one of them might actually be real, or in part. I'll let you choose which one.
    As I said.. class. You wouldn't be surprised to see her in some skin tight leather outfit draped over the bonnet of an Italian Supercar or a rice rocket from fast and the furious depending on whatever works for you. Standard disclaimer as usual ymmv. It's all about experience and how well you get on with the girl in my opinion rather than trying to follow the recipe from someone else's memory the way they interact.
    To be fair who would want that? It's just an easy way to set yourself up for a disappointment.
    As I hadn't expected to have this booking I hadnt looked in advance, so it was in theory at least old school closed trust in the recommendation punt. Although I'm sure that he is some secret book of descriptions of services all of the shops use like a thesaurus at least in part, I like to think that there is some accuracy to them, having a quick read now as I do the review, I wouldn't dispute what it says.

    Some punts I know exactly what I'm looking for, other times I'm as indecisive as a kid with too many toys to play with, and this was one of them. I think that it was that I couldn't decide if I wanted to sit back and enjoy the class, or if I wanted to gobble it all up myself. It's a good thing that Tiffany excels at both, and that I had plenty of time on my hands to enjoy it all.

    Two things that I look for that define a great punt for me and one I can't wait until I get back for another. A great BBBJ and getting my face buried into a great pussy, (It’s not often that I get one that tick all my boxes, let alone both). With either, I could easily spend (almost) the whole time savoring the unicorn moment, but with both … Its a huge trauma for me to stop and go to my other favourite, wrapping up beauty into a tight Xmas Hamper and going deep. The fear for me is that I’m having so much fun, there has to be a real risk that I’m better off right where I was.

    Needless to say, one must venture into the unknown to seek true bliss.. Wow.. not to disappoint, what a venture.. !!

    Feeling spoilt, (and after an extension or two - I lost time…) and being one that prefers a big finish rather than a few smaller victories, we went back to the BBBJ for a CIM finish… Again. Class. Just Class. I think I may have almost had a stroke …

    Finished the time with a good relax, rub down and chat.. All the time grinning and planning our next session.. - better check the roster and book when she’s back on before I post this.

    As usual, YMMV, you get what you put in..

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