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Thread: BUNNY !!! Has Rock Bunny Met His Match??

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    BUNNY !!! Has Rock Bunny Met His Match??

    Person's Name : Bunny

    Establishment : Paddington 244

    Photo Genuine: Yes

    Rates : $160/hour

    Age : 20's

    Size/shape : 160 cm, Petite, but shapely and oh so sexy eyes!

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Services Provided : BBBJ, 69, DATY, FS, DFK, GFE


    Kicking back on a typical weekday and my wechat was busting a move - thats how hard the damn thing was vibrating. I sighed contently and began scrolling through the gazillion photos that streamed past. One caught my eye .... lol, who the fuck am I kidding?? They all caught my eye!!! We have some seriously sexy women in Sydney !!! Made myself a promise that if I ever won powerball, I would attempt to see every working girl in the greater Sydney area... I was enjoying a glass of tawny and flicking my way through the feed when I came across some alluring photos from 244 of Bunny.

    I was thinking "Rockbunny, meet Bunny". The photo that caught my eye had Bunny wearing a lovely summery dress and she looked very nice (attached below). I sent a text to the delightful Angela and booked myself in to see Bunny. Made my way to 244 after work to be met by the gorgeous Maggie. Maggie herself is one seriously hot girl and if all the girls were busy, I reckon you could do a lot worse (and I have!) than take Maggie up!! Maggie called out and asked Bunny to come and say hello to me. Bunny walks out in some black see though number wearing white lingerie underneath.



    Bunny looks sensational! As always, photos never do the girls justice, they are so much more beautiful in the flesh and Bunny is no exception to this! Bunny took me by the hand and lead me upstairs. I even forgot to do my customary kiss on the back of the girls hand! I quickly hop in the shower as I only have a 45 min session. Bunny prepares the bed and I quickly get cleaned up. When I hop out of the shower, Bunny walks up to be and helps me dry off, I begin by gently cupping Bunny's face with my hand and giving her some gentle kisses. Bunny then puts her arms around my neck and begins to have some serious DFK action !! This girl is not afraid to kiss! My type of girl!! Nothing turns me on more than a girl that can seriously kiss me. Bunny wes seriously kissing me, she was making my knees weak with her efforts!

    Bunny gestures me to lay down on the bed, she still has her white lingerie on, and it looks damn sexy on her! I am laying on my back, Bunny hops on top and continues to DFK me into a serious hard-on and soon enough RockBunny Junior (RBJ) was at his best! Bunny climbed onto me and was doing a great cock-slide through her panties, I ask her to climb higher and soon she was poised above my face, I admired the view, started to gently kiss around the area of her thigh, inner legs and then, very gently, moved her lacy white panties to one side and began exploring with my tongue to try and find her sweet spot. Bunny then removes her lacy white bra as she is perched above me, enjoying herself immensely (at least judging by her moans). After a few minutes of this highly erotic scenario, Bunny hops off, finally removes her panties and I ask her to get back on me and commence a session in 69.

    Bunny has a nice pussy, well kept and neat and tasted damn fine to me! Bunny has some serious skills in the BBBJ department! She is slow, slurpy, sloppy and doesn't go overboard on the tissue department! Bunny's BJ skills are awesome! She made me so hot and horny and I asked her to stop as she was getting me to the point of no return! I ask Bunny to dom me up, and then she mounts me in CG. Now, as I don't mind to tell all and sundry, I am not a big man in the downstairs department, but When Bunny started to put RBJ into her pussy, it actually hurt me a little, that's how tight her pussy was! Bunny started to pump me from on top and it was seriously tight! As she started to rock herself faster and faster, she looked down at me with her big eyes and started to get into some very serious DFK action as she was pumping the hell out of me! At one point, I was seeing stars as Bunny pumped the hell out of me and I think she pumped herself to an orgasm.

    Flip Bunny over and commenced my part of the session in mish. Bunny was also tight in this position. I had to commence my routine and began by very gently caressing her face and kissing her oh so gently! Bunny seems to love kissing as she was really getting into it with me. My routine involves starting slow and then build up speed while continuing to lightly kiss and caress my way around her body. Bunny makes all the appropriate noises as if she had just had a huge orgasm. I finally blew my load in one of the tightest pussy's I have ever had! I lay Bunny down to start some DATY action and found that I have actually run out of time. Final shower was a kissing session again.


    Bunny is one seriously beautiful girl, who love to LFK/DFK!

    Bunny is seriously tight. Big boys be careful.

    Bunny has what I call bedroom eyes - they have a sparkle in them and you can tell when she is enjoying something you are doing as they sparkle like crazy!

    The one thing that I would complain about is that a 45 minute session is not enough for me. At the 45 min mark, I am usually just finishing off blowing the load and getting ready for a final 15 min of serious DATY action!

    Thank you Shane and Angela for yet another wonderful new girl... Bunny has aleady extracted a promise from me to come and see her again next Friday.

    Thank you Bunny, for being a great GFE and totally getting into my scene with a lot of kissing!

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    Mate great review Easter Bunny meets rock bunny
    I still love when I am witty

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    Punterman can normally be found with his cock buried inside an Asian girls pussy in Western Sydney.
    Nice one A&L,

    I was thinking of the saying "fucking like rabbits". LOL.

    Added her to my Paddo "to do" list along with new Pillow, Abby and Chocolate.

    So many new girls, so little time........
    Is it a bird, is it a plane, no its Punterman. Always seeking out good value bbbj, DFK, DATY for $150 hr in the Western Sydney brothels.

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    Bunny back next Friday book now

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    Reminder back Friday please book

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    Book Bunny on Friday

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    Book Bunny on Friday

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    Bunny the Hong Kong princess is here tomorrow

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    Bunny is here today a Shane recommendation

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    Grab a piece of Bunny today

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    Cum and play with the chocolate bunny

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    or just cum and play

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    Bunny back Friday book now

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    Bunny here tomorrow book now

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    Bunny the Hong Kong princess is here tomorrow

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    Bunny is a sexy woman

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    Bunny is waiting for you

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    Join the Bunny get ready for Easter

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    Join Bunny on this wet Friday she will warm you up

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    Or maybe her and Renee together or Linda

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