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Thread: Selina - When a blind punt goes right

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    Selina - When a blind punt goes right

    It was 9am and I was trying to find a punt for about 12pm that day after my meetings in the city finished.

    I really love it when owners are alright with having a bit of a chat about their girls to see which girl would fit. I find that this is one of Paddington 244's best qualities, their WeChat is always open for a good chat. I originally wanted to make a booking for Linda but after being told she would start a bit later, I was referred to Selina whom was a newbie. I've trusted the owners before with their suggestions so even without a review on this forum or a photo, I booked her in.

    Walked up the stairs of 244 and the mamasan was super acommodating, recognising me from my previous visit, she lead me to the room and grabbed me some water while Selina was getting ready.

    When Selina walked into the room, she met and exceeded my expectations for her. Selina is Taiwanese and in her mid-late 20s but she looks much younger, especially with her blonde hair.
    On first impression, she reminded me of the kpop star Kim Chungha. Search "Chungha produce 101 audition yonce," add blonde hair, a breast cup size bigger and then add a few years on top of her age and bam you get Selina.

    Selina was quiet at the beginning and became more accommodating as the session went on. As she undressed she let me fondle her breasts which are a Full B cup, but what I liked were how full her nipples were which were a pleasure to suck. She's quite cheeky with her shower routine, making jokes and conversation despite her less than perfect English..

    Onto the bed she changed from shy/cute to super horny as she literally pounced on me as soon as I laid down on my back, going from DFK to sweet sexy moans into my ear while playing with my body. In a change of routine she actually gave me a massage first as she noticed I was a bit tense and to my surprise she actually gives a decent massage. Very firm, and with good technique too.

    With me as relaxed as a pillow, she starts working her blowjob skills which I found quite satisfactory. Not as good as others I've had in shop (I.e Coco and Wendy) but definitely enough to get me hard and excited for the main event.

    With her super wet already, she started off in cowgirl with great enthusiasm and excitement. No FOAM here, she was just genuinely horny. We went from cowgirl to missionary with me inside of her the entire time, to lotus position to doggy position in where she came.

    We were both in a sweat and were both dead tired but I still had not cum yet. With enthusiasm, She offered a blowjob and then finished me off with a handjob.

    After that we both went into the shower, cleaned up and said our goodbyes

    Face: B+
    Body: A-

    Massage/Foreplay: A
    Blowjob: B+
    Sex: A
    Misc/Attitude: A-

    I left the establishment with a smile on my face and wobbly legs.

    After our session, I've seen her photos on WeChat and the roster and they're pretty accurate.

    If asked I would 100% recommend Selina

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    Great AR Rickyon!! Selina is one of the girls I have yet to try at 244... your AR makes me want to see her now ASAP
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    A woman who shares her body for pleasure
    is deserving to have that pleasure reciprocated.

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    Thanks for a great review
    We aim to please

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