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Thread: 4 from 244 in 48 hours...Part 3 - Bonnie

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    4 from 244 in 48 hours...Part 3 - Bunny

    day 3 in Syd....last day

    My course wasn't due to finish until 4:30 pm 'ish & I had told Shane I wanted one last punt at 244 before I hightailed it to the airport...I had to catch a 7:30 pm boarding plane.

    He said I should just be able to fit one in & he might be able to drop me to the airport.

    So day three starts....and they announce at morning tea that change of events...the day will finish at lunch...lunch is provided & then we can bugger off.
    What a bummer...I was potentially going to have 3 or 4 hours to kill.
    The course finishes....and we are invited to lunch.

    No way...lunch...who wants lunch when pussy is on offer.

    I had already checked & out in the I find the first cab I can & hightail it to guess guessed home away from home.

    I am let into heaven again...3rd time in 46 hours. I must have been a good boy in a previous life.

    Both Angela & Shane had reserved a special girl for me. Bunny.
    I was told she was their best.
    Yeah yeah...home could any girl beat Cutie I had just had last night. Cutie was their best.

    Out of the waiting room walks this drop dead gorgeous slim stunner.
    Fuck me dead...I thought Cutie was 10 out of 10.
    My jaw
    Here was this 17 year looking beauty queen..flawless skin...stunner in a beautiful fitting outfit & frilly dress.
    I was lost for words...Shane was right...she is gorgeous.
    She leads me up the steps to bedroom two.
    I couldn't say a was this beauty queen slinking in front of me.
    Oh wow...and soon I was going to be fucking her.
    This can't be real...I must have died & went to heaven literally.

    Into the room...she offers to take off my clothes but I am in a hurry to fuck her...I take my clothes off & wait for her to peel hers off.
    Wow...what a sight...her clothes are off & here is the 45+ kg stunner with the cutiest eyes, face, boobs & body I have ever ever seen.
    I am mesmerised & lead into the shower in a stuper.
    body to body in the shower she rubs up to me ever so slinkily.
    I am almost cumming & she hasn't really touched me.
    I don't know if the shower was on or it was my drooling.

    Out of the shower & on to the bed & before long there is this ever so soft lips giving me a BBBJ.
    I couldn't really feel her lips...just this sensuous warmth on my cock.
    This gentle warmth driving me crazy.

    I had to stop her. she had the body you dream of...nicely trimmed...almost bald pussy and I wanted to taste it.

    She lays down...opens her legs ever so gently & invites me to try. first gentle lick sends goosebumps on her legs...
    10 mins of lick later she is trying to stop me...she horny...please fuck me.
    I stop licking her pussy & clit & suck her small nipples & breasts...this drives her ever more fuck crazy...I am sure she has come about 10 times from my licking already. she begs me again...almost crying to fuck her.
    No way...I love DATY and I want more lick lick.
    She lets me back between her legs...she is moaning & writhing crazy.
    I manage to insert my finger into her pussy while I am sucking her clit.
    Well this was the point of no return...within a minute of licking & fingering she is now demanding I fuck her please.
    Being the gentleman I am I oblige...out of nowhere she has me dommed up & raising her small bum off the bed and wanting me to insert. I she is so wet. But she is so tight....I almost come on the first few strokes. She is going crazy grinding & thrusting against me.
    I have to withdraw...just for a second & I throw her sideways on the bed so I can put my feet on the wall.
    I enter her again...I am a large size in the cock dept & she loves every inch of it.
    She is moaning & writhing & thrusting her hips to get me deeper....I pull her closer to the wall so I am getting maxium penetration using my feet on the wall as leverage. She is moaning & whimpering & I am pounding her silly. She is a slim built girl & I don't know how she was taking this pounding but she was...and loving every minute of it.
    This goes on for what feels like an eternity.
    Soon I am blowing my load into the dom with the strongest cum I have ever ever had.
    She knows I am cumming & still thrusts against me...wanting more.
    After 3 or 4 minutes later the whimpering & moaning stops & she settles down and I withdraw.
    What a fuck...what a fuck.

    This girl is 20 out of 10...please don't see her...I want her all to myself.

    Thank you Shane..thank you Angela. Bunny is what heaven is all about...what a girl.

    And brothers...she told Angela I was the best....see if you can replace HotSpicyJohnny out of her dreams ...I challenge you all.

    So you are all thinking...he's off to the airport...but can't you all read...Bonnie is only part 3 of 4...and the hour is only 47 hours.

    One more hour & one more part to come...Part 4...Isa...Part 4 soon.

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    I nearly had to have a cold shower reading that one I was lucky to meet Bunny two years
    ago when she first came to Australia very lucky to have her

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    I almost cum again about 5 times reliving the moment trying to write the review.
    She is one hot girl....I want to move to Sydney...have you built me that room yet

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    Maybe we should offer bed and breakfast

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    Bunny great HK princess

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    Wish I was in Sydney see beauty Bonnie.

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    Bunny here today take advantage of the last days of our June discount
    One day left of June VIP discount ends tomorrow at midnight

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    I have corrected her name in my post. Sorry about the incorrect name first up.

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    its cool I knew who you meant

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    bunny super girl from hk

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    Bunny here until late

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    play with bunny one of my favourite girls well they all are really

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