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Thread: First Time in Paddington with Olga

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    First Time in Paddington with Olga

    First Time in Paddington with Olga

    Date : 28/07/2018
    Time : around 1.00pm
    Place : 244 Paddington
    Girl's name : Olga
    Price : closest rate $200 ($160+$40)

    Return Factor : definitely yes !!!

    I already made planning to go massage, but still don't know where to. I was lurking to this website and checked to other websites too, but still don't know where to go as there are so many.

    Lucky my friend told me to go to Paddington 244 which I never go before.

    So I made a chat with Shane the day before and chat with Angel on the day. And I gave a try to go to their place.

    Went with bus to city and wait 333 to their place. Sometimes waiting for a bus is pain in the ass.

    At last, I got the bus, dropped off couple meters from the place. Came in with a bit hesitation as I was a bit afraid of meeting people that I know in that area. Luckily, the street was a bit quiet.

    Angel already waited for me. As I told her this is my first time in Paddington 244, she asked me what I want. I explained to her that I just want massage with shower together and BBBJ.

    She told me to wait in the room while she told the girls to line up so I can choose which that I want.

    There are around 5-6 girls walked in one by one, introduced their names. Sorry I can't remember all of them, only 2 girls that I remembered which are Sabrina and Olga.

    I picked Olga and told Angel. Olga came in and she was wearing the same dress like in the picture they provided.

    I was so horny already when seeing her taking off her dress. My hands came groping her boobs. Soooo gooooood...

    She told me to take shower and she joined, she gave me a good clean bath, specially to my cock.

    After finished shower, she wiped me out with towel, and asked me what I want first, I said to her, I want BBBJ. She gave me a good and slurpy BBBJ long enough while I'm playing with her boobs. After couple minutes she gave me BBBJ, I asked her to do 69. Damn, her pussy was so fresh, love to lick it. Lick, lick, and lick. And I changed my mind, I asked her if I can fuck her.

    She said, I need to give her more money. She asked me how much I paid to Angel. I said $160. And she told me to give her another $40 to fuck her. I agreed and I fucked her in a mish.

    We did DFK, and fuck, fuck, fuck and fuck her hard, and I can't hold it anymore, I cum out the first time. Still have time, she said to relax a bit, and she gave me her boobs again to suck. I suck and suck it hard, she moaned, and she's trying to wake up my cock again. And it woke up.

    I asked her to BBBJ me again and again and again. Can't stop asking for more. I groped and squeezed her boobs while she sucked me. So hooooorrrnyyyy....

    Time almost come up. I blew the second time, and felt so tired... damn, she really knew how to satisfy a man...

    Time's up, she asked me to take another shower while she's fixing the bed. I finished shower, we dressed up, she gave me a light kiss and hugged me before I left.

    Definitely will come back again to try another girl.

    Thank you Olga, for a great session, and thanks to Angel and Shane who recommend Olga to me.

    Went home happily and tired...

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    Love your name Boob thanks for the review I am struggling to keep
    with the happy customers

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    keep doing reviews it was really good


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    Very informative review bro! will check it out when i get time

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