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Thread: C BLOSSOM- The Dragon Drill Queen

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    C BLOSSOM- The Dragon Drill Queen

    Blossom came to Sydney from Shanghai only a month ago but as she goes to English school shes already able to communicate quite well.

    She would be 163cm tall with thick, flowing black hair. Her face is very attractive with big eyes and full pouting lips. The slim body is complimented with natural D cup boobs. Sucking, biting and kissing those blossoming lips was a delight for the entire session.

    Into the wet room and during nuru massage Blossom spent a fair amount of time washing my bottom so that I knew what was to come. She is the dragon drill queen, unapologetically spending a huge amount of time licking around this region and in the target zone. When I thought DD was over I was wrong., it was just the end of one chapter and the start of another.

    Finally I could turn over to a wonderful body slide with those big, natural boobs doing most of the work. I didn't get BBBJ in the shower room but I assumed it was coming soon.

    Onto the bed and Blossom was kissing and sucking my face all over. She moved to the nipples (I have no feeling there) and then finally BBBJ. When I asked If I could cum this way she agreed wholeheartedly and upped the paced to a machine-gun speed. It wasn't long until I blew in her mouth.

    We hugged and tried to talk and translate a bit. Only half an hour was gone so I thought I might eat her pussy to which Blossom agreed was a great idea. She became quite wet now and with little time remaining we dommed up for a furious session.

    She's got a great arse to grab during sex and long slim legs. She's horny when you get her going. Blossom is a lovely girl with a hot body, beautiful face and personality. And if you want your arse cleaned she is on point!

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    Max thanks for the review

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    Blossom here tomorrow book early

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    Blossom can make your Monday happy

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    Try Blossom here today

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    very beautiful is our blossom

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    Blossom is captain of the Tuesday team
    Tuesday girls look yummy

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    Sweet blossom here until late tonight

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    Blossom is waiting for you

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    Play with Blossom today

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    CoCo here until late tonight

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    Blossom here until late

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    Blossom here for sunday sex

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    Play with Blossom on a Sunday afternoon rather than the footboll

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    she here until late

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    Blossom our beauty queen is here today

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    Sweet like honey is the beautiful blossom

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    Blossom back tomorrow
    Yummy and sweet

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    book early and book long for the blossom tomorrow

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