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Thread: Twiggy - Wow!!

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    Twiggy - Wow!!

    I recently visited 24 paddington and had the immense pleasure of seeing Twiggy. I arrived at the shop and the reception showed me a few ladies, all of which were very attractive however then Twiggy walked in the room and got an instant hard on. Twiggy was wearing white lingerie with a g string and bikini top. Twiggy's has a curvy figure with a size d bust and has a very attractive face.

    I paid my fee and Twiggy escorted me up to room two, as soon as I walked in the room Twiggy started to undress me and quick finds my hard cock to which she pulls out of my pants and starts to lick the sides of my shaft and balls. Before we got too carried away, we proceeded to the shower where Twiggy gives me a quick wash down then she gets on to her knees and starts to give me a BBBJ. Twiggy's skills in this area are nothing short of exceptional, she does DT really well and has a great sucking and jerking motion which almost made me cum within the first few minutes. Twiggy then asked me to lie down on the mattress in the shower so she could give her Nuru massage. She started by getting me to lie on my stomach and did a body slide which she combined with some rimming however it was until I rolled over onto my back until the things got exciting. Twiggy start by doing a body slide and eventually straddled me so she rub her clit up against my big hard cock, after a few minutes of this Twiggy started to wash me down and proceed to give me a BBBJ, this time there was a real emphasis on DT, I almost came a number of times whilst Twiggy was sucking and slurping away however had to really restrain myself as I really wanted to fuck twiggy as well. We left the shower to proceed to the bed and dried each other off. I asked for Twiggy to get on all fours facing me whilst I stood at the edge of the bed, Twiggy crawled toward me fixated with my big hard cock and then proceeded to give me a BBBJ however this time it was reminiscent of a porn star. Twiggy was horny AF and seemed to get really turned on watching herself suck my big hard cock in the mirror adjacent to the bed. Twiggy kept this up for about 5-10 minutes before she asked me to lie down on the bed and proceed to get into the 69 position which was great due to the BBBJ skills Twiggy has. I finally domed up and Twiggy straddled cowgirl style me for about 5 minutes then I asked if I can fuck her doggy style. I had to be gentile whilst Twiggy got accustomed to having my big hard cock rammed up up her tight little pussy however she handled it well and was gagging for me to up the tempo which i did until I was ready to cum. Twiggy pulled to condom off me and asked for me to come on her mouth, Twiggy had to suck my cock for about 5 minutes before I blew a massive load of cum into her mouth, this last BBBJ was truly amazing, I felt as if my brains were being sucked out my urethra.

    Twiggy was absolutely amazing!!! - her BBBJ skills are best I have witnessed at 244 paddington, she even gives better BBBJ's than blossom which is no easy feat.

    Looking forward to my next encounter with Twiggy.

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    Hard thanks your review was like a porno

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    Punterman can normally be found with his cock buried inside an Asian girls pussy in Western Sydney.
    Your "big hard cock" got a good workout
    Is it a bird, is it a plane, no its Punterman. Always seeking out good value bbbj, DFK, DATY for $150 hr in the Western Sydney brothels.

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    I certainly got a hard on

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    I cant believe how horny that review made me feel

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    twiggy back tomorrow

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    every which way with our twiggy

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    Twiggy here today but mistress of the Paddington girls tomorrow
    Saturday girls quite a bevy of beauties

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    another cock sucking queen

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    is she a dt girl

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    Australia day sex with the twigg

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