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Thread: Maria a VERY busy little miss who knows her stuff

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    Maria a VERY busy little miss who knows her stuff

    After a leisurely line-up that included ChaCha, Kylie, Autumn and another girl, Maria was the one who looked back over her shoulder as she walked away and winked. I turned to Shane and Angela, asked their opinion about who they thought was best for me and they agreed – Maria.

    Short, pretty, perky tits, small waist, peach arse and toned legs – Maria is a tight little hourglass package. She’s also a very confident little miss. What a sight she is as I walk behind her up the stairs to the big room at 244 Paddo. Maria is wearing a ridiculously tight gold dress that leaves little to the imagination.

    As soon as we get in the room, Maria starts her performance.

    It’s a cross between a strip, a dance and a come on. Watching Maria move her gorgeous little frame around in such a seductive way makes me want to rip down her panties, leave her in her dress and shoes, pick her up and bounce her on my cock right there and then. Maria has other ideas. She’s keen to lead the session so I let her take control.

    After some slow and sensual undressing, we’re into the shower and onto a massive blow up mattress for some soap and water play.

    Maria is clearly skilled at this game, and she’s got buckets of water and shower heads and gel going in both busy hands so that I’m all lathered in no time. I’m lying face down and Maria is rubbing her tits and pussy over my arse and back, humping occasionally to simulate fucking. And moaning.

    Five minutes of this go by before I flip myself over, and the gorgeous little Maria starts a catbath that ends with my rock-hard cock in her cute little mouth. She pulls me out, slaps my cock on her face and tongue, before gobbling me up again and slurping and sucking. She’s in full PSE mode now and she’s quite a sight.

    Busy. Busy. Busy. Sucking. Slapping. Tugging. Moaning, mostly fake at this stage, but who cares?

    I pull Maria up and sit her on my face. She’s already wet. More moaning – a little more real now – and some nice little hip thrusts from her.

    We dry up and move towards the bed. I grab a pillow, place it on the floor and Maria knows the cue. She drops to her knees and takes me into her mouth again, this time deep down her throat. The porn actress in Maria starts to gag (I’m not that big) and slurp and drool spit over my cock. I ram myself into her mouth for some light face-fucking and Maria’s moans get me close.

    Instead, I pull away and tell Maria it’s now her turn. I position Maria so that her forearms and knees are on the bed with her arse high in the air so I can spread her cheeks and go to work on her pussy from behind with my tongue. She loves it. After a couple of minutes, with her head buried in a pillow and her wails filling the room, Maria shudders hard and comes to a very energetic orgasm. Everything about this girl is energetic.

    I have a raging boner by this time and I really want to fuck this tight little package called Maria. We start with some slow doggy and flatiron then move through to mish, where she says she wants to stay so she can watch me. OK.

    Slow to start, but it’s not long before I’ve upped the tempo and Maria is moaning again. These ones seem more real.

    Earlier, Maria had put on some hip-hop music. It's to the beat of some song I’d never heard before that I’m pumping Maria with gusto until I blow a long and heavy load inside her. Her hands are on my arse pulling me in as I finish.

    Maria offers a massage but I’ve got no time for that when there’s the opportunity to have my cock back in her mouth. I never choose a massage with WLs because I find it’s (a) a tactic for them to take it easy or (b) lousy anyway. Massage is best left to the MLs in my experience, and IMHO.

    Maria is more than happy to oblige and she goes to work, again, with all the energy of two girls. She displays the full range of PSE blow-job skills. You name it, she can do it. Fucking magnificent.

    I’ve decided my second hit will be CIM so I check with Maria that this is OK.

    “Is OK. I like,” she responds.

    I’m never sure when a girl says she “likes” or “loves” CIM. Some do I suppose, for the power trip and the control it gives them over a man. Others would bask in the glory of giving a man the pleasure he desires.

    I make Maria work for the second pop because I’m enjoying her mouth, tongue, hand and titty skills. She’s very good. And she knows it.

    We have a funny moment when she stops to ask if everything is OK because I haven’t come yet.

    “You don’t like?”

    I tell Maria it’s great and ask her to keep going long, slow and deep. This she does, and I soon show Maria how much I have enjoyed her 15-minute blow job.

    It’s been 6 months or more since I’ve been to 244 Paddo. The room I was in this day seems to have had a spruce up, and the reception area was looking a little more polished too. Shane and Angela were as warm and professional as ever.

    I don’t normally do line-ups, but what really struck me about my visit to 244 Paddo this day is how Shane and/or Angela run a line-up.

    Today’s gathering was so unrushed and laid-back. The girls come out slowly. They STOP. They say a real hello. They linger and chat. They were all clearly happy to be there.

    From what I gather, reading other ARs, too many line-ups are over in seconds with barely time to meet the talent – a hurried parade of girls, some of whom have no interest in being there.

    244 Paddo gives you every opportunity to meet the girl and make an informed call. As I say, I don’t normally do line-ups, but other punters must love how it’s done at 244 Paddo.

    And Maria?

    Pocket rocket doesn’t do her justice. She is that, and much more. Maria is a sexy and sassy little minx who is clearly very experienced and highly skilled. She also clearly enjoys being with men who are as experienced as her.

    If you click with Maria – man, you are in for a beautiful ride. She’s a dynamo.

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    Thanks Speech great review as usual

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    I love that rear end pussy rub especially if there is some pussy stubble
    Makes me horny thinking about it

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    Great AR speech ! Maria is heaps fit, I mean she is a beautiful woman. As I have said before, her eyes do it for me. Really welcoming personality as well which is heaps good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niceguy11 View Post
    Great AR speech ! Maria is heaps fit, I mean she is a beautiful woman. As I have said before, her eyes do it for me. Really welcoming personality as well which is heaps good.
    Oh yes Mr Niceguy. Maria is certainly a keeper.

    Compared to the shit sandwich I was asked to eat at M5 this afternoon, Maria and 244 Paddo are 3 classes above.

    More on this to come in a full AR soon.

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    Maria is the mistress of the Paddington theme song

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    when the going get tough take her

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    milky joins the 2444 team

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    hot sex from maria

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    Shane matties it up to AL if he wants this to continue the only chance i give
    up is if i am forced to the Grim Reaper a blow job and matties that is not going to

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    Was this the nuru service or vip ?

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    she does super vip

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    join maria today

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    Saw her last week.

    Seems like the review is paid, she wan not that good.

    Lots of makeup, little bit of BBBJ and would not let me fuck here in doggy as I have a big dick.

    Finished the session quickly before the time.

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    thank you for your feedback

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    dominique joins maria tomorrow

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    a 244 sex machine

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