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Thread: Amazing Cha Cha with top service

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    Amazing Cha Cha with top service

    Hi All,

    First post here, so please excuse me if my post is not up to the standards.

    I had been reading the forum for a long time and from the comments and reviews I have seen, 244 has very positive reviews and seems never disappoint, so as soon as there is a chance I have decided to pay the shop a visit.

    Walked in at about 10:30pm and was greeted by Erica. She showed me a line up of 4 girls. To be honest all of them are very pretty, so as indecisive as I was, I asked for Erica's opinion, and at this moment, Angela walks in and greeted me. Both Erica and Angela had recommended Cha Cha, and I have made up my mind (1 hr VIP session it is).

    Cha Cha came to held my hand and led me to the room. Once inside, she started setting up the room while I undressed myself. We then went to shower together.

    She was very attentive and the bbbj she gave me during shower is a great start of the session.

    On to the bed and she continues her bbbj, man I can have this for the whole hour. What she can do with her mouth is just amazing, and after 10 minutes or so I blew my first load.

    Had a bit of a rest, chat and play around and round 2 begins.

    Cha Cha blew me for about 5 mins and it's time for the dom.

    After a while I realise time is going to be up soon so I said to Cha Cha we can just finish up. However she was a bit apologetic as I had not blown my 2nd load yet, she kept trying to get me over the line (even after I said to her it's not her fault, as I am just a bit tired), and finally she succeeded.

    We went back to the shower and tidied the room. It was a very very good session.

    I went downstairs and had a quick chat to Angela and gave my feedback about Cha Cha. During that time there was a small incident happened in the shop, and I was lucky enough to meet all the girls that are working tonight.

    Cha Cha is just one amazing girl and her attitude is just great (no KPS at all). Please look after her and treat her with respect. I will sure you will get the same in return.

    Thanks Erica and Angela for your recommendation!!! I am one happy guy!!!

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    Thanks Billy
    for your first review

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