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Thread: Double Impact - Maria and Tatum

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    Double Impact - Maria and Tatum

    I must admit that fucking two girls at once has always been a fantasy of mine and I managed to cross this one off the bucket list last week after a visit to Paddington 244.

    I paid a visit to one of my favourite establishments a few days ago, Paddington 244 and was shown the line up of available ladies. I was not particularly blown away (no pun intended) by the calibre any of the girls upon introduction however I was more than happy to choose Maria who I have fucked a few times before. Angela asked which of the available ladies I would like to see and I advised Maria, Angela recommended I should try doubles which I had to think about for a few microseconds before agreeing. I requested Angela to recommend one of available WL's to accompany Maria and she recommended new girl Tatum.

    Shower and foreplay

    I was shown upstairs to room 1 by the two ladies whom I immediately started to mess around I upon entering the room, engaging in some DFK with Tatum whilst Maria focused on undressing me. Maria quickly got me to take my top off and got down on to her knees and proceeded to undo my belt buckle whilst I was still engaging in intense DFK with Tatum. Maria and Tatum could see that I was getting hard and took turns at fondling the bulge in my pants. I continued DFK with Tatum whilst Maria proceeded to complete undressing me and took my pants off to reveal my fully erect cock. Maria let out gasp when she saw my cock and started to measure it up against her forearm suggesting it was of a a comparable size. Maria gave my shaft a quick suck and also sucked on my balls for a few minutes before directing directing my into the shower.

    I quickly got lathered up and started to wash myself down with the help of Tatum and Maria, Tatum cleaned my cock and balls and bent over and started to give me a BBBJ whilst Maria and I engaged in some DFK. Both ladies then directed me to lie down on the mattress for some Nuru action. The Nuru massage was great with both ladies alternating duties between body to body massage or BBBJ. I was getting really horny being the recipient of a body slide and BBBJ simultaneously and had to really concentrate not to blow a load in one of the ladies mouths.

    Shower finishes and I dry myself and proceed over to the bed whilst the ladies finish their showers, both ladies approach as I stand up on the bed and gesture for both ladies to get on their knees in preparation for some BBBJ action. I point my cock in the direction of Maria, suggesting her turn is first, and slowly move towards Maria who welcomes me by opening her mouth wide open the closer my cock got to her. Maria starts to give my a BBBJ and alternates between sucking my balls and shaft every few minutes. Tatum stands up and engages in more DFK with me whilst Maria continues with the BBBJ for another 10 minutes. I was super hard after Maria had sucked and slobbered away for the past 10 minutes however was eager to see how Tatum's BBBJ skills would measure up. Tatum gave my nether regions a quick clean and then proceeded to shove my cock in her mouth and started sucking away. About 5 minutes into Tatum's BBBJ, Maria and I are engaging in DFK whilst Tatum is busy downstairs, Maria asks me if I want my ass and balls licked whilst Tatum is sucking my dick - kind of like a rusty trombone!!! Maria gets and down her knees behind me and starts to lick between my ass and balls whilst whilst Tatum continues to suck away. After about 10 minutes of receiving a BBBJ at the same time as getting my balls and ass licked I was ready to fuck.

    Maria's turn

    Maria was keen to go first and lubed herself up ready for some cowgirl action. I was super hard after the 20 minute onslaught of BBBJ's and although Maria had used extra lube but could not handle this position for more than a few minutes, I could feel my cock bashing up against her cervix each time I got too deep and quickly changed to missionary position to avoid hurting Maria. I started to pump away as Maria wrapped her petit legs around me and Tatum starts to rim me as a continue to fuck Maria's tight little pussy. I got bored at missionary and picked up Maria to fuck her in the standing up straddle position. Tatum got down on to her knees and started to suck on my balls whilst I was fucking Maria which continued for about 10 minutes before I realised I was soon going to climax, I quickly withdrew my cock from Maria's pussy and she took my condom off started to suck vigorously suck and jerk me off until I blew a big load of cum into her mouth. I was still feeling horny and was still hard knew if I got a got quality BBBJ I would be able to stay hard enough to continue fucking. Tatum took me into the shower to wash me down and quickly got started with another BBBJ and was able to get me really her again in a few minutes.

    Tatum's turn

    It was now Tatum's turn to be fucked so she got on to all fours on the bed and she started to jiggle her ass at me whilst staring at me with bedroom eyes it was obvious she wanted to be fucked doggy style. I dommed up and shoved my cock in her pussy from behind and quickly got a good grip on her hips and started to pound away. A few minutes later Maria was feeling left out so she got under neath me and Tatum so she could lick my balls as I was fucking Tatum. Tatum was loving getting fucked doggy style and wanted me fuck her harder which I proceeded to do for another few minutes before changing into cowgirl position. Tatum was much more comfortable in the cowgirl position than Maria was and was happy to bounce up and down on my hard cock which she did for about 10 minutes whilst Maria was sucking on my balls. I was close to reaching my climax and asked for Tatum to prepare for the money shot so she got on her knees as I stood up on the bed and started to suck and jerk away at my cock for about 3 minutes before bringing me to a climax whereby a proceeded blow my load into Tatum's mouth.

    Conclusion and Review of WL's

    The experience was intensely pleasurable and reminded me of a hardcore porno scene, I managed to get two money shots off inside the hour and feel that the service was reasonable for the cost (~$400 AUD), which is cheaper than hiring a single lady for two hours at this establishment.

    Maria - provides a good PSE and has some great BBBJ skills and clearly enjoys having a load of cum shot into her mouth. Her BBBJ lacked any real DT action which is more than likely due to her small size can also be a limiting factor when fucking her in certain positions such as cowgirl or doggy style. On the flip side her small stature makes it easy to pick her up and fuck her in all sorts of unusual positions.

    Tatum - clearly not as experienced as Maria as a WL and was a bit stand offish when is was her turn for BBBJ duties. She still had a better DT action than Maria and did a great job when it was turn for the money shot by brining me to a climax with her BBBJ and then swallowing a big load of cum. I am confident she will improve with more experience.

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    Thanks for the review always love a good doubles review it has that decadent Roman emperor feel


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    How much was the double ?

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    400 it is part of me being crazy

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    you can always try trebles for the ultimate indulgent experience

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    Tatum leads the Paddington girls tomorrow
    Thursday girls

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    Tatum is waiting to make you happy today

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    she loves cim and can make you very happy

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    she loves to pleasure men

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    I felt the dick tingles with her I think her an Pleasure might create new 244 doubles pleasure

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    tatum loves to touch

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    she looked hot this morning

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