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Thread: Carina. OMG blew my mind, She was amazing

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    Carina. OMG blew my mind, She was amazing

    Name: Carina

    Saw on WeChat that No5 was celebrating 5y anniversary for being on here so decided to pop in and celebrate with them
    A few weeks ago Victor highly recommended Carina to me and since she was working today I Decided i'll let Victors expertise surprise me once again.

    Carina is about 150cm give or take, super cute and the most enchanting smile ever. bust was small but I've never been too big of a fan of huge tits so this was fine for me.
    tattoo on her left boob to her back. was actually really nice tattoo too. but for those who don't like girls with tattoos just a heads up.

    Hopped in the shower with me and scrubbed me down nice and clean and on the bed we go, Started with some very very nice DFK. and I love a good kisser and Carina was all over it
    gave a nice and thorough catbath and on to town she goes with BBBJ. Very gentle and very attentive with her hands all over my body to keep me on edge the whole time
    props to her for not constantly grabbing a tissue to wipe her mouth or what not. It was a very genuine GFE which is rare nowadays to get and since she give me such a good BBBJ I being a gentleman had to return the favor and went DATY and the constant moan and the twitch letting me know where she felt good was nice

    Another round of DFK and the dom was on and she mounted me. and damn she was tight. It took me all I had not to cum on the spot there lol. but I bit my lips and kept me going
    Since she was very small and I'm quite tall I picked her up and we did one of those ones where I was standing and she grabbed my neck and held on and jumped up and down. whats that move??

    Kept that up for a few minutes and I could feel I was gonna cum soon so I laid her down on the bed facing me and missionary my way to the finish line, She could tell I was about to finish as she grabbed me harder and kissed me ferociously
    and what a way to finish with all that on the line

    Cleaned me up and hopped in the shower where she soaped and cleaned me up just as well as the start. most of the time when you finished its just hurry up and shower and go but Carina made sure I was taken care of till I walked out the door. Big props for her
    I walked out with a stupid big smile on my face.

    The conclusion: If you want a truly satisfying experience in which the girl takes time and effort to pamper you to make sure you are happy. Go no further then Carina. I would recommend her every time and I would also go back and see her again.
    Money more then well spent

    Thanks Again Victor for recommending me.

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    They seek him here, they seek him there ...
    I saw Carina at Ginza around 15 months ago ... nice girl ... quite sweet

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    Quote Originally Posted by rooter View Post
    I saw Carina at Ginza around 15 months ago ... nice girl ... quite sweet
    Aka Alisa .

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    Looks like my next adventure :P

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    She back almost a year I have not seen her is time for a visit

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    today is carina day!!! available untill late !!

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