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Thread: Caress - Bubbly girl with pretty face and good attitude

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    Caress - Bubbly girl with pretty face and good attitude

    I got a bit of free time after work so I texted 244 to see who’s available, was told there were a few girls free so I think I would just go and check the line-up before deciding which girl I am going to see.

    Arrived the shop at around 3pm, and was greeted by Jason (who interestingly enough I recognised from my previous encounter from other locations).

    Jason showed me a few girls and all of them are great, however Caress caught my eyes when I first saw her so I decided to see her for an hour.

    Caress is about 155-160 cm tall, beautiful face with nice B cup boobs, bubbly and very fun to chat with. We had a shower together. Caress cleaned me up while we chatted along, she is very talkative and very accommodating. We skipped the waterbed and went straight to bed.

    Caress is very attentive and her BBBJ skill is just superb. I just enjoyed it so much that I just let her did all the work for the first round.

    We then had a quick rest and I was lucky enough to enjoy her massage. She is actually very good at massaging. If you have a chance, try it.

    Round 2 started with another amazing BBBJ and it got me rock hard straight the way. We then tried a few different positions and Caress is definitely very energetic.

    To sum it up, pretty face, nice body, bubbly, energetic and very good attitude.

    Caress told me that she will go back overseas for holiday and not sure when she is going to come back. If you want to see her better do it sooner.

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    billy thanks for the review

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    Punterman can normally be found with his cock buried inside an Asian girls pussy in Western Sydney.
    Got to love the Paddo girls. This shop offers great service and has lots of young hotties on the roster.

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    thanks bc caress is very sexy

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    are you still dining out in the west

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    caress loves monday

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    Caress is cheer leader of the Tuesday girls
    Tuesday girls

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