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Thread: Sophie - My first time with a newbie from Hong Kong. Shes cute and beautiful !

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    Sophie - My first time with a newbie from Hong Kong. Shes cute and beautiful !

    Person's Name : Sophie

    Establishment : 244 Paddington

    Date of Visit : 19/5/2019

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

    Rates : $240 Paddington VIP

    Age : 25 - 30

    Size/shape : 150 cm approx (shes small)

    Breast size: C cup (enhanced)

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Hong Kong (I think originally from China)

    Language: Chinese (English is not bad but better to use Google translate)

    Services Provided : LFK/DFK, BBBJ, FS, nuru massage, COB, GFE

    Value for money/recommend? Yes absolutely.

    So it has been a while since I visited 244. I have been frequenting the Burwood area lately as I have been too busy to travel to the city. I was scrolling through WeChat and saw Sophie had started. I messaged Angela and she said Sophie was Lisa's younger sister. A few months back I saw Lisa at 244 and did a review on that punt. Still to this day, no other WL has come close to the way Lisa fucked, sucked and blew me that day. OMG it was amazing ! So when Angela said her younger sister was working, I said fuck yeah and I'll try her.

    I rocked up to 244 at the agreed time and was met by Angela. It was so good getting a hug off Angela as it has been so long. We started chatting about everything and then Lisa's younger sister walks out of the waiting area. She was wearing a short white dress and heels. I introduced myself and she greeted me with a big hug. I was really amazed at how similar Sophie looks to Lisa. Man I was thinking of a sister double with Lisa. How awesome would that be lol.

    After our introduction, we headed up to room 1. Now, Angela did warn me that Sophie was new to the industry. At first I didn't really take notice of what Angela said because I thought "nah, shes just another WL from another shop". But I was totally wrong. Once Angela left the room, Sophie and I started to undress. I could tell now that Angela was right and that Sophie was legitimately new to the industry because she didn't know what to do. So niceguy became the teacher ! We proceeded to set up the room and I helped Sophie and really showed her the ropes. After setting up the bed, we headed to the shower. Sophie started to clean me and my little bro and I cleaned Sophie in return. During the shower, I told Sophie that if she feels comfortable to do a bit of BBBJ which she was happy to do. We started to LFK followed by DFK. This girl really knows how to kiss compared to some previously. Sophie bent over and started sucking my dick. I was expecting a lot of teeth being shes a newbie but I have to say, it was very very very good. She was licking, sucking, stroking, everything you would expect. I then motioned for her to suck my balls which she did. After about 15 minutes of BBBJ, we started nuru massage. Sophie's English is not the best so used my phone along with google translate to best explain what nuru massage was. Sophie said she will give it a go after showing her some pics and videos. As I was laying on the blowup bed, she applied a good amount of gel and started to massage with her hands. She then proceeded to use those big enhanced tits, pussy and ass cheeks to rub my body all over. For a first attempt at nuru, I was very happy. We quickly rinsed, dried off then headed to the bed for the main event.

    Sophie then commenced another BBBJ which was extremely good. After around 10 minutes, Sophie grabbed a condom and asked if I wanted to fuck. I said "a bit more BBBJ because it's really really good". She gave me a cheeky grin, put the rubber down and started sucking again. For a newbie to the industry, her blowjob skills where number 1 compared to many BBBJ's I have had before. After another 10 minutes, Sophie grabbed a rubber, put it on my cock, applied lube and we started fucking in cowgirl. Sophie was riding me like a bull and seriously felt like she was using my cock like a gear stick. I could feel my cock was about to explode into her pussy but it was too early. We took a short break then commenced doggy. Sophie was not sure what doggystyle was so I had to explain to her what this was. After positioning her knees together, back down and her ass in the air, I commenced doggy. Sophie has a cute little ass and in doggy, her ass looks nice and round. First, I started slow, then upped the pace then went full throttle. I was pounding her pussy from behind then tapped her ass and said "your turn". I stopped for a bit then Sophie started to reverse that sexy ass of hers onto my cock. It was such a glorious sight seeing my cock inserted into her pussy. After doggystyle, it was time for more BBBJ. I hopped into the shower, washed my cock then asked Sophie to suck some more which she was happy to do.

    I was standing outside the shower while she sat on the bed sucking. Now with Sophie being a newbie and literally her first day, I didn't want to do CIM. During BBBJ, I could feel that I was about to cum so I pulled out my cock from her mouth and blew a huge load all over her tits and chest. It was a magnificent sight. Sophie then gave me a kiss and we headed for the shower. After cleaning up, we both had a good chat on the bed. She told me that she works in the insurance industry in Hong Kong. I told her that I have always wanted to visit Hong Kong as it looks like a cool place. Once the buzzer went, we both headed downstairs and said our goodbyes. I really want to try a double with Sophie and Lisa as they are real sisters !

    Now being my first time with a newbie to the industry, It was a great experience. It was good to show a new WL the ropes. I highly recommend Sophie as she is a cute and beautiful girl with a great personality. As always, YMMV depending on how you click with the girl. So once again, I highly recommend her. Thanks for reading my AR brothers and happy punting.
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    Great Ar Bro Niceguy!
    Many thanks for sharing.

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    ng great review

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    another great Hong Kong belle

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    join her today for fun

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    join her today for fun

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    such a sexual joy

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    try her and Maria together

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    loves Friday sex night

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    is she better than lisa

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