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Thread: Megan, I could eat Thai all day long!

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    Megan, I could eat Thai all day long!

    Been eyeing off her pic but her working hours are hard to work around, I sent a message via WeChat about the Thai girls and was told she's working back tonight.

    I didn't want to miss out and made a booking to see her, once I arrived I met the lovely and welcoming staff and was ushered to a room to meet Megan.

    She soon entered and introduced herself and WOW!
    She's HAF, a pretty face, long black silky hair and a booty that you find on South American chicks. Her tits look great and her booty juicy and full in her body hugging black and white dress.

    She asked me if I had any questions about her service which was a nice touch, first time that it's happened to me.

    Anyway I paid up (diamond only) and not long after she entered, she offered some mouth wash and we both headed to the shower. She gave me a good clean and we dfk'd a plenty in there.

    Her tits are DD cup, they are fake and it was hard tell for me, she said the key is to massage them after they heal and that makes them feel far more real. She has little brown nipples and loves having them sucked on gently.

    Her booty is so full and suits her tight and curvy body which lead me to ask if she's mix race because it's rare to see a Asian lady with curves and fullness like her, she's full Thai.

    She seems to love dfk and she picked up that it really gets me going, she's a really good kisser too. Once we dried off and onto the bed we continued dfk for some time, it was full of passion, tongue and lip bites.

    I wanted to savour her pussy first and she said to be gentle, her pussy was a pleasure to eat, smooth, sweet and responsive. Between daty and dfk I could have spent the whole session doing nothing else.

    She wanted to give me a bbbj so I could take a break and have the favour returned, her bj was excellent as I could feel every part of it. It was deep, sensual and the pressure of her mouth muscles could be felt. With plenty of eye contact and my hands exploring her booty and tits I was loving it.

    She asked if I wanted to cim so she could suck every last drop (her words) and feeling in the zone I went along with it because it was so good.

    Not long after I told her I was about to blow and she did what she said and took every last drop. Being a one shot guy and definitely to tired to have another shot we relaxed in each other's arms and had a chat and plenty more dfk in between.

    With time finished we both got dressed and went our seperate ways.


    Being typically Thai, she was thankful and appreciative that I picked her. She came across genuine, relaxed any happy to be there.

    Her GFE, superb body, pretty face, perfect english and willingness to please was a perfect combo and she could easily be a regular.

    When I was walking out I was asked how she was and what I'd give her a score out of 10 and it's a 10 because I could only see things getting better with her.

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    Awesome review. Saw Megan in the lineup but went with Sally. Will definitely try her next time!

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    Great review AF

    But I cannot believe you did not go Doggy with an ass like that it would have been spectacular

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    Just saw Megan today and holy shit she’s amazing! I have to say she’s definitely been my punt of the year so far! My AR is incoming but thanks for the review Arnie!

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    She is almost too perfect.

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    Thanks for the after report. One for the list.

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    one of the best.. come back today
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