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Thread: Yuan yuan. Leggy and fun

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    Yuan yuan. Leggy and fun

    So I’ve been quite active the last 3 weeks but have been procrastinating in terms of writing ARs. So I went to see yuan yuan about 2 weeks back. Rocked up to N5M to see lineup and yuan yuan caught my eyes as she was quite leggy and had really long beautiful hair. Booked for 1 hour diamond service and into this big room where she was.

    She greeted me and instantly I found her to be quite a confident girl lol. Pretty makeup and nice bolt on tits. I went to the shower and she joined me. Onto the bed and we hugged and she gave me a nice cat bath. One thing to note is that her cat bath is quite delicate. She’d lightly draw circles around your chest. Did a bit of DFK, bbbj and 69. On with the dom and it was CG first.

    Her pussy is nice and warm as she bounced on my cock. We switched to mish and the doggy got a finish. Cleaned up and chatted a bit. One thing I noticed was her English was perfect and she’s very intelligent. We had nice chat as she was touching my chest and cock. I was tired that day so a second round wasn’t on my mind anyway.

    Would recommend seeing her. She’s got quite a nice body and makeup is quite nice.

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